Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sewversary: Goals

How did I do on last year's goals?

Quality over quantity

This one is basically ongoing. I struggled with it, because I'm impatient and like to see results. However, I did spend three months making one coat, so I give myself a pat on the back for that. I've also chosen to hand-sew in a lot of situations where something else would have been faster.

Sew something with a lining

Woohoo, I can check this one of the list! I made this lined flower girl dress for AB, and a lined coat. I definitely still need to work on linings, I'm not overly confident with them and they still intimidate me.

"Master" my serger

I think I can say I accomplished this one. I used my serger a lot for construction and finishing. I played with tensions, stitches, and fancy threads.

Learn special occasion sewing

Ehhhhh I made one flower girl dress and hemmed a bridesmaid's dress, so...success?

Get better with fit

Another ongoing one. I've identified some issues with my narrow shoulders and have strategies for dealing with them. Still tweaking. I also suspect I have a long torso, but haven't done much research besides "hey, this seems short". It might be a personal preference instead of an actual issue.

Make my sewing useful for my husband

YAY a big fat success! A coat, a shirt, hemmed pants...okay, that's only three things, but for this predominately selfish seamstress that's a lot.

I didn't note this, but I was sure I'd resolved to sew a vintage pattern (done!). I see that I had planned on a swimsuit and jeans. I still plan on a swimsuit (I have the fabric!). Jeans? Well read on...

Goals for the next year:

1. Sew a pair of jeans. No more excuses! 
2. Sew fabrics that aren't knits.
3. Do the right thing. Not the fast thing.
4. Sew more pants.
5. Learn my coverstitch.
6. Do some charity sewing.

These aren't insurmountable goals, although sewing jeans feels that way sometimes. I feel like I'm in a good place right now with many skills, but I could use more experience with complicated projects. I need to be confident enough to challenge myself and patient enough to learn even when I'm frustrated. 

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