Thursday, May 1, 2014

What's worse than Mom jeans?

Me: On a scale of 1-10, how bad do these look?
Hubby: Ten being bad? 
Me: Yes.
Hubby: Nine. They look like grandma pants.

When I finished these pants from New Look 6216, I knew they were more "miss" than "hit". But grandma pants? One thing I'll say for my husband: he's honest. Disclaimer: these are the least-flattering photos of myself I've ever seen (and somewhere on Facebook there's a picture of me with a mustache).

I originally bought this pattern for the tops (blogged here). Lately I've noticed a lack of me-made pants in my wardrobe and I've resolved to change that. So when I saw this super cute version of these pants on Pattern Review, I decided to make them, and I found some wonderful denim from Fabric Mart that would work. Per usual, I used the smallest size in the envelope (8) and they're way too big.

First up, the pants with a regular ole t-shirt:

This t-shirt is 22 years old.
No joke.

So far you're like, "what's so bad?"...just wait. I had my reservations and so should you. Elastic waistband pants? But they don't look bad on the pattern envelope, and lots of the versions on PR looked good...well...not everything looks good on everyone.

Go ahead and laugh, I did! One thing is for sure: the rise is ridiculous. There are plenty of people who like/wear high-rise skirts and pants, but I don't think I'll ever be one of those people. And yes, I KNOW it says on the pattern envelope that it will sit 1" below the waist...but I never know if that means the NATURAL waist or not (guess what, it does).

I didn't know my butt reached to my knees.

I have to wear these pants with a top that's really loose around the hips, thus covering up the fullness at the waist. For me, this silhouette adds about 20 pounds.

The only way I found these pants to be passable is if I wore heels, a blousy top, and a short jacket. This is not an ensemble that I will ever wear in real life.

The tag is still on this blazer...from
10 years ago.

The only thing I like about these pants are the cut of the legs and the fabric I used (a cotton/ramie blend). I have enough left over to squeeze out a pair of shorts, thankfully. Otherwise I'd be super depressed about wasting a lovely fabric.

Need more convincing that they're terrible?

These pants might be the very definition of "letting oneself go".

The pants are well made, sewn with my sewing machine and finished with my serger. The pattern was easy to put together and a quick sew. It's a shame I will never, ever wear them. Anybody want to buy them off of me?? : )

As I look through these photos, I MIGHT be able to pair the pants with an oversized sweater and boots. Somebody remind me of that come November. Or I could just gain 30 pounds.

So now I kind of want to throw all my New Look patterns in the garbage. Okay, maybe not all of them, but this one certainly hasn't endeared itself to me. Have you ever made more than one view in an envelope and been disappointed twice? It's so frustrating!

How about some knit pants that will definitely be a success? Try the Coastal Craze Baggies from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop, on sale for half off today only! These will be perfect for AB this summer. I picked up my pattern for $4 and you should too! (affiliate links)


  1. I just don't understand how the Big 4 companies can make good patterns look so awful and awful patterns look so inviting with their styling. They're like evil masterminds planting land mines all over their catalogs.

    It's unfortunate about the pants. Not knowing how the project is going to turn out until you're already at the point of no return is the worst part. I think your idea of covering up the bum with a long sweater would definitely be an upgrade though!

    1. Hahaha now every time I look at new patterns I'm going to think "LANDMINE!"

  2. I totally feel your pain! Getting pants to fit is a nightmare...

  3. "These pants might be the very definition of 'letting yourself go' " Bwahaha. That's why you're on my short list of favorite people.- CMH

  4. I was going to say turn them into pajama pants until I seen you used denim. Might not be so comfy. I don't think I've ever had luck with a New Look pattern. I just had a major sewing fail so I can relate to the your feeling right now... lol!

    1. Awww no! Just go stare at your lovely Rigel to make yourself feel better :)

  5. I admit, I was laughing with you. They would be great for painting, laundry day, working on the car. . .

    1. As I was editing photos, I couldn't stop laughing. It's SO BAD! Actually, they would be good for "outside time" as we call it around here. As long as no one else can see me!

  6. Could I suggest "editing" them to make them better :) You could unpick the waist band, take out 1/2 to 2 inches on the side seams to slim them, add darts at the back, pleats or darts at the front. Put in a fly front zipper and add a proper waistband - a lot of work but the result should look

    1. Thanks for the help! A lovely member on Pattern Review made some of the same suggestions, and I'm happy to say I've started "editing" them :) I'll post an update when they're done!

  7. How about you wear them with the hems turned up (maybe a couple of times) and flats, ie flip flops, ballet pumps, canvas shoes, and style with a different type of top.


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