Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween costume: part two

Soooooo...I lied. I wasn't done with Halloween costuming. I honestly thought I was over it, but then I got really inspired by some cute My Little Pony stuff I saw on Zulilly last week (yes, more My Little Pony, or "monies" as AB calls it). My biggest issue with Halloween has been AB's reluctance to wear even regular clothes, much less a costume. I realized that it wouldn't be too difficult to convert a hoodie into a pony costume, and hopefully she wouldn't pitch much of a fit at a hoodie.

This costume is based on the Hangout Hoodie pattern from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. Love that pattern, even if I can't sew the placket on the front evenly if my life depended on it. I added a ruffle/peplum simply because I didn't have enough fabric to make the hoodie long enough.

The mane is sewn into the center hood seam, and the ears into the seam between the band and the hood. The white part of the ears is bamboo double french terry (say it with me..."oooooo!").

The pants are RTW and frankly are a size too small. I serged the ends of the tail pieces together, and then loosely sewed them into the pants (for easy removal later). All the rainbow pieces are fabric scraps. I didn't buy anything new for this project, which was pretty satisfying. Oh wait...you're not familiar with My Little Pony and have no idea what this costume is? My bad.

This is Rainbow Dash. You see it now, right? I had all these plans to add wings, etc. but it turns out...AB hates this costume, too.

"I hate this on my head!"

"Get it off!"


And finally, a pony impression.

I REALLY hope next year's Halloween is more enjoyable, and that AB gives a crap. I mean, even one of dogs is getting in on the fun:

He managed to bust a few of his staples. No surprise, it's impossible to get an active German Shepherd to take it easy. Now his leg is splinted--he can be a pirate for Halloween!

I can't believe I made two costumes that AB hates. She's lucky she's so gosh-darned cute no matter what she's wearing. For once I can't wait to get a holiday over with!


  1. Heh, your dog won't even look at the camera, that is an unhappy camper. Hope he mends soon.
    That is a clever costume, and free makes it better!

    1. He's SO depressed right now. I'm the mean mommy who won't let him run anywhere. He'll really hate me if I try to put an eye patch on him : )


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