Friday, October 25, 2013

Project Runway rehash: reunion episode

Do you ever have those days where you look at the clock and are like "it's only WHAT time?!"? Yesterday was one of those days. Just when AB and I were going to settle in for the night, I let our dogs back in the house and discovered one of them had blood on all of his paws. Half an hour later I had finally found the source (a cut on his leg) but man...wrangling a 75 lb. German Shepherd while distracting a toddler is no fun.

And of course our pets are always ill when our vet is closed.

I think you can understand why I only managed to watch the reunion special before happily surrendering to the inside of my eyelids. Don't worry, I'll gladly catch up on the first episode of All-Stars and rehash it later today. Meanwhile I'll be at the vet. Oh and it snowed yesterday. Blah.

Things I loved:

Tim Gunn hosting.

For some reason, I loved Sandro's rant about Zac Posen. It made NO SENSE but isn't his accent lovely?

Ken admitting that he should have come in with a professional mindset. Not sure it will save his career, but I was glad to hear him say it.

I laughed SO hard at the swearing montage at the end.

Things I hated:

Whoever said there has been no stronger season of work. Disagree.

I didn't need a recap of Helen's menstrual cycle. Kthanksbye.

Tonight's reason why I love Tim Gunn:

I'm glad he addressed the question of the show being rigged...I guess I believe him? Kate's elimination and the judges inability to eliminate Ken just bug me to death. It will be hard to reconcile those two things for a long while yet.

A Mondo shout-out! I still think he should have won Season 8.

Overall, this was one of the better reunion shows. A lot of them feel SO edited and like a waste of time.

But I'm still going to forget everything about this season.


  1. I forgot the all star show started last night. I don't normally watch the reunion shows. Too much fighting. I probably will just delete it. I didn't like Kate when she was on the first time. She seemed much nicer this time.

    1. You didn't miss much at the reunion, except a really awkward reading of mean tweets that contestants sent out while watching the show and a healthy debate about whether or not the show is rigged (Tim Gunn says it isn't).


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