Friday, October 25, 2013

Project Runway All-Stars rehash!

TGIF! My poor doggy had to get 7 staples in his leg at the vet today. He's a tough boy though, he seems to be recovering well. And my husband will be back tomorrow!!! This has been a long week. I did manage to squeeze in All-Stars this morning and I'm here with my recap!

I have a feeling I might not be able to be objective this season ( I have to be??). I have strong feelings about most of these contestants based on their previous work. I guess that's not terrible. It just makes me invested in this season a lot already!

Spoilers ahead...

Things I loved:

No more what's-her-face host! Alyssa Milano is an actual real human with a personality.

I don't like Elena...but I was happy for her win. I'm not sure she deserved it, considering the best part (the reversed jacket) was her model's idea. At least we don't have to listen to her talk about never winning before!

Things I hated:

Elena over-designing from the first second. Did she learn nothing?!

I miss Joanna Coles, although Zanna seemed spot-on with the tiny amount of words we heard her say.

I don't like too many designers from the same season. Elena, Christopher, Melissa and Daniel? Did we really need all four of them to round out this season?

Favorite garment(s):

Loved Seth Aaron's and Ari's, even though Ari's wasn't punk at all. I was surprised to see her go so soon (although I would have been minorly devastated if Viktor had been out). I cannot believe how detailed and expensive Seth Aaron's looked given the amount of time he had. Also liked Jeffrey's from an it's-so-pretty standpoint.

Least favorite garment:

Hated Irina's. But I also hate there's that.

Best line of the night:

"When she [Melissa] took the jacket off, she'd really thought about the dress." --I LOVE Georgina, but, uh...Melissa TOLD you that she literally draped, cut, and sewed the dress right around her model. How much thought could have gone into that?

I'm excited about All-Stars but really hope it focuses on someone other than Elena. Or Daniel. I haven't had enough time away from them yet (and I LIKE Daniel!). Did you watch the premiere or do you skip All-Star seasons?


  1. What happened to your poor dog? That is one sad face.

    Agreed on Irina, and you don't mince words, heh.

    Do you think it is written in stone that Georgina must be introduced as "the beautiful Georgina Chapman" ? Same as last season, and I realize she is married to Harvey Weinstein, but c'mon.

    As much as I like Daniel, he was going to do those same giant shoulders on a jacket.

    OK, that's all I got.

  2. My doggie cut his leg somehow in the back yard. I can't figure out how and it's driving me crazy, given that my 20 month old is out there every day!!

    I laughed out loud at your Georgina comment! I think you must be right, all hosts must introduce her that way. The funny thing is that most of the time, her comments make the most sense of all the judges. She's not just a pretty face!

    I can't even talk about Daniel. I'm going to pretend that jacket never happened...for now. If he makes another one I'm probably going to give up on him.

  3. They probably have a hard time bringing back designers to go through the hell that is Project Runway, which is why for All-Stars they have to lure winners back or resort to multiple designers from the same season. But maybe not! I just can't imagine the stress they go through.
    Overall I'm pretty happy with who is competing. I liked Korto, Michael and Christopher on their seasons.

    1. You're probably right! And Korto was cracking me up this episode. I hope she sticks around if only for comic relief!


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