Friday, October 4, 2013

Project Runway rehash!

Before I get to Project Runway, let me start off by saying THANK YOU to anyone who commented on the Pattern Review giveaway of my book (go here to enter!). Srsly, the comments have all been so nice and positive, I can't even explain how it made my week to read them. I use my own copy almost every day, so if my idea can be helpful to other people too, then that makes me super happy. Enough sappy stuff, on to business! Spoilers to follow...

Things I loved:

Justin taking his own "loser" look. I mean, what else could he do? I think it was nice that he had an opportunity to get past that.

I loved the makeup and nail consultations. I don't wear a ton of makeup and my nails always look like trash, but getting all spiffed up last weekend for a wedding made me remember how dressing up can be fun. Maybe I should be a butterfly for Halloween?

Things I hated:

Helen's drama. Over it.

The non-elimination. I've always thought that going so far as to make a whole collection and NOT show would be devastating. At least they guaranteed Dom and Bradon a spot so only three people have to suffer!

Tonight's reason why I love Tim Gunn:

He did Helen a favor with his pep talk (again). I asked my husband if he thought Tim would be my pen pal...he thought not.

Favorite garment:

I thought Justin's was stunning. He had the big reveal moment that Helen's tortured cocoon wished it had. Of the loser-makeover looks, I liked Alexandria's punk plaid leather pants. And thank God Kate's terror from last week was made into something else. Ugh.

Least favorite garment:

Helen's was so boring, and she knew it. Hasn't she already made this dress? Would it have been worse with the cocoon? IDK. I doubt that a leather-appliqu├ęd sleeping bag would HELP any situation, but at least it would have been interesting. Oh! But what the F was up with Bradon's look?! When Tim saw it in the workroom and said he loved the back, I agreed. All that dark fabric looked like wings. But then it disappeared. What?! And it was the winner? So confused.

Best line of the night:

"I think I just need to stop being a baby..." --Helen (ya think?!)

I'm not super-excited by these finalists. Helen is so whiny that it detracts from any enjoyment of her work. Alexandria always makes something interesting, but I'm not sure she'll be able to show at Fashion Week since Nina and Zac are against her. Every now and then Justin makes something pretty, but I think he's been getting by on personality for a looooong time.

Dom and Bradon...I guess they deserve it. Dom does, for sure. She might end up the winner. What do you think? Who is heading for the win?


  1. I disliked the non-elimination, but I'm glad they guaranteed a spot for someone. A fight for the finish for everyone would be too much. I am also annoyed with Helen. Melt-downs aside, her nails at the judging were scary! She's won several challenges, but so did Stanley and his collection was a "snooze fest" to borrow a phrase from Heidi! I'm interested to see how it ends. I predict Helen will go to Fashion Week and Dom will be the winner.

    1. You're completely right to compare Stanley and Helen. Except this time around, I'll be expecting nothing from Helen, where I expected a lot from Stanley! And her nails totally creeped me out!

  2. This entire season was a snooze fest. I've liked a look or three...been impressed by a detail here and there, but I'm not too thrilled about anyone's final collection. I predict Dom will win as her aesthetic matches the kind of thing PR judges "go for".

    1. That's exactly how I feel. Nobody has wowed me on a consistent basis, which is what I want when I watch this show.


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