Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween costume!

Are you ready? Halloween is one week away, and from what I can tell from the few sewing/fabric/pattern FB groups I'm in, not everyone has even started on costumes. To be fair, I'm only finished because AB's costume is lame and I used a previously finished dress as the base. With that glowing review, here's the reveal!

OBVIOUSLY this is a fairy princess costume. Look at that beautiful dress (blogged here), that magical fairy skirt, and those lovely wings!

She's practically glowing.

Okay, no more faking. This is (hopefully) the worst costume I'll ever make for her. Here's the deal. AB is going through a huge phase with constantly dressing/undressing/wearing 2 pairs of pants at once. We've already discussed her displeasure with having anything on her head. She wouldn't know a costume from a straight jacket. Oh, and she's too young for trick-or-treating. Soooooo yeah. Someone is feeling uninspired (me). The wings didn't turn out too badly (used tutorial here) so maybe I'll salvage those for another time.

Like last year, we'll probably only go to one event where she'll have an opportunity to wear this. She's already protested greatly over the wings. Maybe I'll pull out her Robin costume and go with that again (at least it looks like a costume!).

Next Thursday (Halloween) we'll be revealing our Fear Fabric projects, so this will probably be my only costume-related post. To make it up to you, I'll include a photo of the best costume I've ever assembled. Believe it or not, this photo is ME, 5 months pregnant, and I wore it all day at work (and won the costume contest, I might add):

Yes, that is a mullet wig. And a rope belt. And I drew on a mustache with eyeliner. Good times.

Where are you in the Halloween costume assembly process? Before, during, or after?

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  1. AB is adorable, costume or not! I am still making costumes for my 28 year old daughter, but since she is self supporting now, at least I don't have to pay for the fabric. :-)

    1. Thank you! Sometimes my husband and I are like "we made that?!?" haha. I can't wait until she can buy her own fabric for me to sew!!

  2. Your costume still shows more effort than mine: my two-year-old is going to be the Paper Bag Princess. All I need is a paper bag and a crown (that I'll probably make out of cardboard). We aren't going trick or treating because we live in a rural area without sidewalks. I'm thinking about taking her to a trunk-or-treat event this Saturday that benefits the local 4H group. And she'll dress up for story time at the library next week.

    1. I didn't know about this story, but after reading about it on Wikipedia it seems really cute! And what an easy costume :)


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