Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday Tips: Marking with Stickers

When working with a hard to mark fabric, try using stickers for dots or notches. They're easy to see and you don't have to struggle with chalk or marking pens.

Make sure to place stickers on the wrong side of your fabric, or test first for remove-ability (is that a word?). I use smiley-face stickers that come with my Better Homes and Gardens magazines ("free gift!") and they're just right in terms of stickiness.

This method works particularly well on textured fabrics (like the one pictured above) that can be hard to mark consistently. The fabric in the photo is my brocade for the Fear Fabric Challenge. Are you working with your Fear Fabrics? Make sure you join the Flickr group to upload your photos! We'll be posting our projects at the end of the month.


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