Friday, October 18, 2013

Project Runway rehash: the finale!

Yesterday I found what appeared to be vintage Care Bears fabric (like this) at Goodwill, for $3. I normally don't dabble in vintage fabric, and didn't feel confident that it was "real". Not being in possession of a smartphone, all I could do was take a picture and Google it when I got home.

By the time I went back (like, 7 hours later) it was gone. Massive not-buyer's remorse ensued.

Aaaaaand, my husband left today for an 8 day business trip to Europe.

There were a lot of reasons to drink a whole bottle of wine last night (between the two of us...I think...), but the Project Runway finale definitely encouraged it! There's something very fancy about drinking some wine and watching a show about high(ish) fashion. On to the rehash! Spoilers ahead...

Things I loved:

I adore all the little cameos of former contestants. It's like a mini drinking game. "Spot the semi-celebrity!"

I thought Dom's win was predictable, but I was pleasantly surprised with Alexandria placing second.

Things I hated:

I didn't like how rattled Alexandria was about the judging from last week. I felt like she was compromising herself by ditching her t-shirts. I didn't really understand Nina's sudden turn-around.

If a model spilled coffee on my silk charmeuse gown...I think I'd punch her. For reals, no hyperbole.

Tonight's reason why I love Tim Gunn:

He's always so sweet to the final contestants during Fashion Week. And his affection appears to be genuine.

Favorite garment(s):

I wasn't crazy about Dom's styling. I thought her models looked like they were at least 30 when you know they're all 20. But I would die for that black and white jumpsuit.

Bradon's gold leather jacket...and that ombré dress! Planning my own rip-offs now! Other than that, though...snooze. And old.

And for my real favorite...Alexandria's entire collection. I want to watch a fashion show and feel like the clothing is obtainable. Bradon's chiffon dresses...nice. But where would you wear them? Alexandria's pieces? SO wearable, SO versatile (mix and match them all!). Love love love. More specifically: for some reason I adore this skirt even though it's see-through.

Least favorite garment:

Overall I liked the story that Justin's collection told me, but I didn't feel like I NEEDED any of his pieces. Sorry dude.

Also, this skirt of Bradon's was SO UGLY.

Best line of the night:

"I don't think Dom knows how sophisticated she is." --Zac

I'm happy for Dom, she's very talented and has done well all season. However, I can't help but think that Kate deserved to be in this finale over one of the boys. In fact, if it had been Dom-Kate-Alexandria only, I would have been a lot happier. Four people is kind of a drag.

There were some highs and lots of lows to this season, but ultimately it's going to be somewhat forgettable. Too much drama, too many unconventional challenges; the clothes didn't stand out well enough on their own. Ah well, I'm sure the reunion next week will be a trainwreck, and then we can get on with All-Stars!

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  1. I thought Dom deserved to win, but I found myself liking Alexandria's collection a lot. I agree that it is so wearable. On to the next!


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