Friday, August 30, 2013

Project Runway rehash!

Remember my culottes from yesterday? Totally wearing them today. It's still a million degrees outside even though it's almost September, which means it's almost fall, which means it should be cooling down a little bit. But it's not. I wouldn't mind wearing tiny tank tops and short shorts except for all the dang mosquitoes around here. AB got a bite right on her face yesterday. So rude.

This episode of PR made me want to go shoe shopping. I guess that was the point, right? Or was the point to make me want to buy Marie Claire magazine? I get so confused by their product placement that I forget to be brainwashed.

Spoilers to follow...

Things I loved:

I'm in love with the dress Heidi was wearing during the runway show. I want!

I'm glad it was another open-ended challenge. I hope the trend continues. I was also glad that the designers were all being ambitious (3 piece outfits, pants, etc.). 

Things I hated:

Ken was a bit two-faced about the whole fashion knowledge thing. Telling the cameras you were worried and then bad-mouthing other people for the same reason? Lame.

Tonight's reason why I love Tim Gunn:

He laid on the floor and let Swatch lick him! Was that real??

Favorite garment:

I liked Alexandria's, I'd wear it in a heartbeat (Rate the Runway here). I might copy those lace cutouts. But you won't catch me in those gladiator shoes ever ever ever!

I liked Jeremy's as well even though he was in the bottom. Making his own cable sweater from chiffon?? Who does that? At least he tried something original.

I liked Ken's a LOT. And I hate peplums! The fabric was gorgeous.

Least favorite garment:

Helen's was so. boring. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be watching this show because I just don't get it. My husband and I both thought she was in the bottom for sure but she won! 

I didn't like the plaid pants. Either pair. And Bradon was right, Miranda made the same garment all over again. It was time for her to go.

Oh Bradon. Last week and this week...oh my. I did think his technique was beautiful but somehow it went all wrong.

Best line of the night:

"Where is the eggnog?" --Nina

Well all, it's time for a 3 day weekend!! My husband is taking all of next week off, yay! I'll be blogging, but it will be brief. See you then!


  1. The advertisement for this week said shocking elimination. What is so shocking about Miranda going home? Nothing!!!

  2. Uhhhh yeah, nothing shocking about that!! I guess they can say whatever they want in those teasers!


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