Monday, August 26, 2013

Inspiration: culottes

Okay, I know I talked about fall all last week. I tried to get my head into that season, I really did. But I discovered that I have no patience for sewing ahead. So, back to summer sewing I go!

I PROMISE I had this post written BEFORE Andrea at Four Square Walls posted culottes yesterday : ) I've been wanting to make a pair for a while now. I've been gathering inspiration all summer and will have a finished pair to show you on Thursday (along with a bit of a tutorial)!

We'll just start with the ones that have been appearing all over Blogland, the Tania pattern by Megan Nielsen. These are the ones that Andrea made (two pair!) and I also love Lauren's at Lladybird.

I've also been pinning RTW examples:

I love the sort of paperbag waistband and the floaty chiffon of this pair. And, duh, the color! But if you want something a bit more serious, you might like these better:

It's unfortunate that every photo of culottes requires a goofy stance.

And if you REALLY love the look, you could always go full-body with them:


Thursday I'll show you my simple knit culottes, using a pattern I drafted myself. I LOVE how they turned out! Until then, here's a sneak peek...

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