Thursday, August 8, 2013

Produce tote

Let's wrap up Bag Week with my first ever bag project!

Okay. No earths are shattered with this bag, I get that. It's pretty darn simple. But it's also exactly what I wanted, so there are plenty of bonus points for that!

I do about half my shopping at Aldi's, a discount grocery store that cuts costs by not providing bags. For my regular groceries I have reusable totes I bought ages ago at Wal-Mart, but I hate throwing my produce into the same bags as the cream cheese and eggs. I needed a bag specifically for produce, and this one works perfectly!

If you remember from yesterday, the bag is from the book Bag Bazaar:

The exterior fabric is a woven cotton from a thrifting purchase. The interior...well, that's the fun part!

The directions in the book called for two woven cottons, but nothing in my stash was particularly inspiring me. I realized I had this amazing fleece print (from Jo-Ann's) and that fleece would be the perfect cushy interior for a produce bag! I used double-fold bias tape for the straps (also thrifted).

I used the bag this week and it was perfect! This is a great little project that can be customized in so many ways, with applique, embroidery, whatever your heart desires.

I have a slight avocado obsession, and now I can carry them home without bumps and bruises. Yay!

It's Thrifty Thursday again (OMG where does the time go?!?). This week, you can grab the Winter PJs pattern from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop for only $4! I have this pattern myself and it's great! I'll be sewing it up soon when the fall weather gets here.  You can see my review here. If you also purchase the Summer PJs, use the code "dream" to save $3 off!

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