Monday, August 12, 2013

Mend It Monday: Leather Belt

I'll never get used to people calling me "ma'am". It happened a few times this weekend and it just about breaks my heart every time. I'd rather be a "miss" forever. I heard someone say once that you're always 20 in your head, and that's probably true. But thank goodness my closet isn't the same as 20 year-old me anymore! I dressed so lame when I was in college. What a waste.

For example, I never wore belts like this wonderful leather one that I adore:

I LOVE this belt. Especially since I paid around $5 for it at a consignment store at the beginning of the summer. I've worn it a lot, and the little triangle-shaped "cap" on the end was starting to come loose from the braided strands.

Sorry I don't have any in-progress photos, I thought I might need to wear the belt and hurried through the repair! 

What worked for me was to gently pull out all the strands from the cap, then to sew a straight stitch across them. I cut off the excess, wiggled the end back into the cap, and then zig-zagged over the edge.

This repair was much less painless than I anticipated. I was afraid I might have to dig out some Elmer's glue, since I've seen glue used with leather a lot. I did have an old, needs-to-be-changed needle on my machine, so I wasn't afraid of dulling it further with the leather (or faux leather, whatever this belt is). 

We were pretty busy over the weekend, so this was all the sewing I did. How about you?

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