Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mustard Polka Dot Cardigan

I've been discussing Fall Fashion all week and it's time to debut my first fall garment!

What's more fun than a polka dot cardigan?? Perhaps a mustard polka dot cardigan? The pattern is McCall's 6802, which features 4 different types of knit cardigans. The starting point for mine was View D, which is a kimono-sleeve style with a ruffle down the front.

If you know me at all, you know I have a deep love for all things kimono-sleeved. Apparently it's noticeable, because when I put this on for my husband he said "it looks like a kimono". Ha!

The fabric is a cotton/poly sweater knit from Girl Charlee. I originally wanted to make a sweater dress from it, but the color and polka dots are a bit overwhelming to be worn alone. I can't tell you if the fabric is going to keep me warm in the winter, because it's been 80 some odd degrees all week. Here I am pretending that it's cold while we were taking these photos:

You may notice that there isn't a ruffle on my cardigan. It's hard to tell from looking at the envelope, but the ruffled edge is meant to be left unfinished. Meaning the wrong side of the fabric will show. I was NOT into that idea and decided to make a folded-over band on the edge, instead.

It might be more plain this way, but I know that seeing the wrong side of the fabric all the time would have driven me crazy!

There are in-seam pockets as well. Hooray! The only complaint about this pattern is (surprise) TOO MUCH EASE. I may have to give up on McCall's patterns. The smallest size is always too big for me. I shortened the bodice and the sleeves, which meant that I had to make the pocket bags smaller as well (they were hanging below the hem in their original size...yuck). If I make this again I'll also move the pockets up a bit more.

What's that in the bushes?!

This was a super quick sew using my serger for everything except the pockets and hemming. It's comfortable and unique. I see myself wearing it a bunch this fall/winter. But for now...I'll be back to summer sewing. I'm too impatient to sew ahead. When I finish something, I want to wear it immediately! And unless a cold snap is coming, I can't wear this item right now. See you in October pretty mustard cardigan!

It's Thrifty Thursday! Check out Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop and today's SUPER popular pattern, The Hangout Hoodie. On sale for $4 today only! I just snatched it up and can't wait to make a zillion of these for AB!


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