Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Project Runway recap

Wow, this week's episode was very interesting! A healthy dose of karma, some poor decisions at Mood, and some scary heights. What's not to love?

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: I liked this challenge. They're doing a great job of challenging the designers with just enough wiggle room for creativity. I especially liked Mah-Jing this week, he's getting bolder and seems to be having fun with the competition, which is only going to help him out.

Worst moments: I do just fine with heights, but the idea of the helicopter ride freaked me out for some reason!

Best garments: I've come to accept that Laurence is the only one left whose aesthetic I like. Her dress was adorable (didn't like that she apparently left uncut threads on it?) but also strong. I think maybe the skyline appliqué was hard to see on the runway so perhaps that's why she was just safe, or maybe it's a motif that's just been done before. Cornelius' dress was interesting, editorial enough, but didn't look comfortable, so I'm kind of on the fence about it.

Worst garments: It's pretty unacceptable that Dexter's model wore her own undergarments with his design. He was all talk about using appliqués or doubling up the fabric but he just didn't. Basically, he cheated. And sorry Dex, the jacket shoulders were ugly the first time. I was vastly disappointed with Rik, and Roberi for that matter. Neither design said "strong" to me, and Rik's looked like his model got caught in a windstorm with dirty toilet paper. I didn't understand it at all. I also thought the ruffle on Erin's dress made it look like a nightgown and didn't know why the judges liked it.

Best quote: "What woman wants to look like Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants?" --Rik

I think Dexter got what he deserved in the double elimination, and Nathalia, unfortunately, did as well. I agree with Nina that he can do more and he did something safe for himself. Nathalia was running on borrowed time after her unfinished jacket last week. But this should have been a triple elimination because I'm so tired of Erin. Send her home already!

Stay tuned this week for a big announcement and something new! Or get a sneak peek right now on Instagram.


  1. My choices: 1. Cornelius, 2. Laurence, 3. Roberi and 4. Mah-Jing. I would rate Mah-Jing higher, except that I found the bust awkward, and too high, as Heidi said. I loved Cornelius' dress in every way, and thought it a unique idea that deserved the win. I agreed with the 2 eliminations, but was surprised that there were two. Ric's front-only toga was actually worse than Dexter's look, but at least he tried something new, and, as you say, it isn't right to rely on the model to furnish the underwear, which is a pivotal part of the look. I liked Erin's dress better than the design she scrapped, but it looked unrefined and unoriginal to me. I agree with you -- I think it is about time for her to go.

  2. I forgot to mention that I love the Swatch Book.


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