Saturday, November 26, 2016

Introducing A Sewist's Swatch Book!

Giveaway and sale alert! I'm so excited to share my new book with you today, and one lucky reader will be able to win a copy of it! What exactly is A Sewist's Swatch Book? It's the perfect companion to your Sewist's Notebooks. When I first started sewing and buying fabric, I had an encyclopedic knowledge of each of my purchases. But as time went by and my stash grew, I started forgetting things. Where did this interlock come from? Was I saving it for something? What's the composition of this knit? I had done extensive photo cataloging, but without a physical swatch I lost track of what was what. I started wishing for a physical way to record my lovely fabrics, so I could see and touch all of my fabrics at once (even the ones packed away!).

The book contains over 100 pages for cataloging fabric, featuring the same options for quick-circling that I love from the original Sewist's Notebook.

There is a key for universal care symbols, as well as a guide for determining the stretch percentage of your fabric.

I've started filling up my own book and I'm so glad that I can use it to be more efficient with my projects. I'm always forgetting what has been pre-washed and how much yardage I have. Now I can quickly see if a fabric is ready to go.

110 Creations: A Sewist's Swatch Book has been almost two years in the making. It took a backseat to having two babies, but now it's ready to be brought into the world as well! Pick up a copy HERE (use code BFRIDAY33 for 33% off!), or win your own through my Instagram contest HERE. Sale ends 11/27 at midnight eastern, and giveaway closes 11/28.

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