Monday, October 24, 2016

Project Runway recap

I've been reading the Mood Guide to Fabric this week, and it's making me want to go there SO BADLY. Even more than usual. I'm trying to convince my husband that we need to take a trip to New York for our 10 year wedding 3 years. We can make that happen, right?

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: This was a total setup, but I did chuckle when Dexter and Erin were in the bottom after all their crooning about themselves. You better believe the other designers noticed and will call them out on it, too!

The Elyx whatever-it-was-bar-thingy-place-lounge was pretty cool. I also loved seeing the designers interact with the judges, although I can't say it's particularly fair. Not that we put a lot of stock into fair judging anyway!

Worst moments: I did not think Tim's critiques were helpful this week. Erin and Dexter were pushed into continuing what they were doing, and they were on the bottom. Tasha was diverted from her dress and ended up being eliminated. Most of the time, Tim is spot-on, but there have been other times when he's off the mark and it hurts a designer.

See the final looks here.

Best garments: I'm going to do something crazy and say that I kind of liked Brik's look. It seemed to be well-made and was interesting. But Laurence was robbed when it comes to the win. Her dress was incredible, I cannot believe she made it in a day and with $300. Her concept was strong from the beginning. Just because she made another strong shoulder she wasn't the winner? SHE QUILTED LEATHER!

Worst garments: Dexter and Erin bombed, obviously, although I was surprised the judges didn't like Erin's. That's the kind of silly costume garbage they like. Maybe the feathers looked much worse in person. I also did not like Jenni's winning look. The dress part looked tortured from all the hand-sewing, and the appliqu├ęs were not only a copy but ugly as well. And Natalia...what a hot mess that was.

Best quote: "Everything's a challenge. You never know, you could walk into the bathroom and like...surprise!" --Brik

I'm annoyed Tasha went home on a look that was Tim's idea and not her's. If she had stuck with her dress I'm certain she would have been safe. Wouldn't it make more sense, after those critiques, to finish something well rather than joining the chaos and starting from scratch? Then you're just lowering yourself down to the level of make-it-work. I suppose it didn't matter much, since Tasha has struggled through a few challenges and I couldn't see her making it to the end anyway.

Next week: roller coasters

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