Monday, October 17, 2016

Project Runway recap

This episode was something else! It felt like some bizarro world, where people could work together like adults. Is this the first time in PR history that a team challenge had NO drama and also both teams did reasonably well?

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: Can you believe the lack of ego in this episode? I was shocked by how well the teams worked together. Both of them! I don't recall a single moment where someone tried to force their idea onto someone else. I have a theory: since there were four designs but six designers, there wasn't an option to work alone. Nobody could hold onto "their" look and go renegade. In the past they've always made their own looks, right? This was a great way to force them all to work together.

I started liking Dexter more this episode. He did a good job in the pitch and even though he was freaking out most of the challenge, he didn't seem to take it out on anyone. And even Cornelius kept his mouth shut for the most part.

Worst moments: Uggh I hated this elimination. Only in a team challenge can a designer like Alex get eliminated while Brik stays. And the moment when Alex told Tim he changed his life? Wow. I was a little surprised Tim didn't use his save, but I'm sure he's been told to keep it until the end of the series for more dramatic impact. He probably couldn't use it after a little speech like that, also, for fear that it would look like sucking up works to save you.

See all the garments here.

Best garments: I feel like a broken record...very few of these items appealed to me. Laurence's leather jacket was incredible, I would wear it and I think anyone would. The suit that Dexter made was also nice but I hated the embellishments that Heidi loved so much.

Worst garments: Team Unity was just a whole bunch of fail. I didn't even like Mah-Jing's vest that much (I'm not a fan of weird dangling pieces). The metallic fabric they picked looked SO stiff. It did not come across as luxe over the TV screen, I felt it tottered on the edge of cheap. And certainly not daytime office wear as Nina pointed out. Alex's dress was just terrible.

House of Bouton wasn't that great either, the mauve dress was a throwaway and the coat...hasn't Erin already done that?

Best quote: "We're House of Bouton. Oh my gosh, I'm sorry about my French. Sorry France." --Dexter

Can we just agree that the guest judges are awful? I don't know if it's how it's edited or what, but they never say anything relevant. And I'm pretty sure the guy from last week was high (who was that??). And being a child of the 90s, I LOVE Boy Meets World, and therefore Girl Meets World, so I was disappointed with Sabrina Carpenter.

I'm sad to see Alex go, but he did carry himself with dignity and that won't be forgotten. I'm sure he impressed with his business ability (even if he was pitching a boring black collection) and unlike other designers, I do believe he'll have a great future after the show.

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  1. Alex was WAY too 'old lady' for PR. He was often quite snooze worthy for me though I didn't think he should've gone home before some others.

    I loved the embellishments and Mah-Jing's vest! LOL!!!

    I was also so impressed by them actually working as a team.


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