Monday, October 10, 2016

Project Runway recap

The day after I watched this episode, my four year old was playing dress up and appeared in front of me with her very own "swimsuit" design. Somehow, a scrap of actual swim fabric had made its way to their dress up box and she had fashioned it into a bathing suit. Perhaps someday she'll be relating this anecdote during her own PR interview?

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: Tim looking cute and beach-ready, of course. I also liked seeing the prints being designed. Custom fabric is such a big thing right now and probably the future of design and even home sewing. I liked the brief moment when Erin said she didn't want to win every week, I actually believed her. I think she's being targeted by the other designers and that's probably not a great feeling.

Worst moments: Well. This was a swimwear challenge and as such, terrible garments were being put down the runway. Everyone knows that Heidi has a lingerie line (or should know). An athletic wear line. I wasn't aware she was doing swim but c'mon. At some point there is going to be a challenge with these "specialty" fabrics. Why doesn't anyone practice and learn how to sew them??

It would have been helpful to see Heidi's dossier so we knew what her line was like. I also felt like she was unusually nice during critiques.

See all the looks here.

Best garments: I struggled liking any of these, but Rik's and Roberi's were in a different category than everyone else. They took the challenge seriously and obviously understood it. I liked both the suits and their coverups, which were beautiful. See the $180 suit here. (Sewing your own swimwear saves SO MUCH MONEY.)

Worst garments: All the rest! Clearly Tasha's was the worst (apparently not clearly, since she wasn't eliminated) but the prints were mostly cheesy, juvenile, and ugly. The suits were unimaginative and poorly made. If I were Heidi, I would have been genuinely insulted.

Best quote: "I am Brik. I love bricks, I always have, ever since I was a little kid." --Brik

I understand why Sarah was eliminated but it should have been Tasha. As we all know, however, this week alone is NOT what decides eliminations, no matter how much the producers say otherwise. Sarah has made ridiculously boring clothes up to this point. She took a creative risk for once and went home on it. That probably doesn't feel very good, but I can't say I was all jazzed up to see anything else from her. So Tasha dodged a bullet, I hope she is energized by it.


  1. You once said that I could have a customized version of your 110 Creations Book printed, which would incorporate several features, which I would find convenient. I have just about filled up my current volume, and would like to pursue that. Will you kindly tell me how to go about it? Thank you.

    1. Hello Ann! Thank you for your interest, but I'm unable to accept custom requests at this time. I added a third little one to my family only a few months ago and need to focus on that right now. I appreciate your understanding and will make an announcement on my blog when I am able to take these requests again.


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