Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tutorial: How to Line the Hood of the Lane Raglan

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Hi all! Today I'm sharing a short tutorial for lining the hood of the Lane Raglan. When I purchased the pattern, I assumed that the pattern provided directions for lining, but they do not! It must be a common alteration, as most of the ones you see online are lined. Come back later this week to see my completed Lane Raglan Hoodie!

How to Line the Hood of the Lane Raglan

Step One: Cut two lining pieces using the hood pattern piece. Right sides together, sew the two pieces together along the rear seam, using a HALF INCH seam allowance. This is a quarter inch larger than the outer hood, making the lining just slightly smaller.

Step Two: Cut a 3/4" strip from the front of the hood. The "X" shown in the photos is the mark for the eyelets. This is just for your reference. I mistakenly marked it without thinking. The eyelet will only go through the OUTER fabric, NOT the lining! Pay no attention to the fact that I interfaced the lining in that area...do what I say, not what I did!

Step Three: Interface over the marking for the eyelet on the outer hood. Apply the eyelet to the outer fabric only. Again, the lining does not need interfaced in this area.

Step Four: Right sides together, align the front edges of the outer hood and hood lining. Sew these together using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Step Five: Flip the lining inside the outer hood. The lining should sit 1/4" inside the outer hood. Align the raw edges of the bottom of the outer hood and lining, WRONG sides together. Optional: baste this edge.

From here, sew the hood to the bodice as directed in the original instructions. On my hoodie, I went the extra mile and applied twill tape over the seam for a nicer finish. I hope this tutorial was helpful!


  1. Hi, I am just curious how you applied twill tape to cover the seam. It looks so professional, like rtw. Thanks!

    1. First I sewed the top edge to the seam allowance. Then I folded it down to cover the SA. I topstitched from the outside, which caught the twin tape underneath. It's kind of hard to explain, I'll try to include some photos in my review of the pattern later this week!

  2. I have a few RTW things with the twill tape at the neck, it does finish that seam so nicely. Great tutorial, thank you!

  3. Thank you! I desperately needed pictures to understand!

  4. Where in the process of lining the hood do you add the grommets or buttonholes and fold back 1 inch and edge stitch as directed in the original instructions? Also, I would like to cut the hood down in height. It’s too tall. Could I just cut off the back of each side w/o affecting the neckline or how would I do this. Thank you for the tutorial. It was fairly easy to follow and other than the too big of hood, I love it ��

    1. Applying the eyelet is noted above in step three. Lining the hood eliminates the step of folding back 1”. I did not edgestitch but you could if you wanted, just before sewing the hood to the bodice.

      To make it less tall and not affect the neckline, you would remove height at the top of the hood pattern piece. It’s hard to explain without a photo but from your comment I think you understand it correctly.


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