Monday, September 26, 2016

Project Runway recap

Looking over this week's looks for a second time, most of them were bad. Normal people would not wear them, yet they were also far from high fashion. PR seriously struggles when it comes to these "real women" challenges. Although, most real women I know tend to shop at Target, and maybe that's just not the TARGET audience here? (GET IT??)

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: I was SHOCKED how few jumpsuits there were. Was that last season when there was at least one jumpsuit each week? Don't tell me the world is over rompers. I have spent the last two years pregnant and unable to wear mine and I will not put them away forever!!! That said, on this show people tend to make jumpsuits when they're out of ideas, so I'm okay with fewer of them.

Worst moments: I was disappointed that they weren't using "real" women as models. I mean really? Design for all women but don't put your clothes on them. Got it. No double standard there at all *eye roll*.

Laurence's story about her dad was so sad.

Cornelius, "Lady of the Shade", was beyond juvenile. I guess I'm getting old. Who has time or energy to talk crap about other people? Also, his design was ugly.

Final looks here.

Best garments: The more I looked at Alex's outfit the more I liked it. On the model, that is (see my complaint about midriffs below). But a "regular" person could wear a long cami under the sheer top instead. I also loved Laurence's jumpsuit, but again, only on the model. I haaaate a drop crotch, but the rest of it was well-planned and executed.

Worst garments: Whyyyy were there so many midriffs? I live in a college town so I happened to see a lot of midriffs in my daily life, and you know what? They're 18 year old midriffs. NOT 30 or 40 year old ones. Erin's neoprene dress did look like a costumey joke, and it made no sense at all that her model did not change the silhouette on the runway. Linda's knit dress and tarp coat were just kind of sad. I didn't understand all the hate for knitwear but she did choose a silly silhouette by making it so tight. And I'm going to link to Sarah's garment directly, because it was by far the worst despite getting no screen time. You can buy that now. At Wal-Mart. HOW did she stay safe??

Best quote: "Can I see the back? ...I have so little to say." --Zac

Next week: black Light!

Update: Thanks to SewCraftyChemist for reminding me to check out the final production version over at JustFab. I see that they lost the drop crotch, so now I love this even more!


  1. Before even getting to Brik's and Linda's...I wondered how Sarah's Kohl's outfit made it safely through.

    At least Brik and Linda designed something. The top, the skirt, the purse (GAG!) the necklace...I don't know how she didn't make it in the bottom.

    I loved Alex's and Laurence's too. The final garment on the JustFab website turned out pretty darned cute IMO.

    I loved Mah-Jing's and want to copy it.

    Cornelius is SO annoying.

    1. The purse! I actually laughed out loud when I looked over the still photos and saw it there.

      I also liked Mah-Jing's.

      Off to the JustFab site to see the final rendition!

  2. I am not impressed yet with this group. I like Alex, he seems to be a reasonable, mature, kind person. Cornelius - well, "I have so little to say."
    The neoprene abomination - it looked like something for a little girl's doll.


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