Monday, September 19, 2016

Project Runway recap!

Woohoo, Project Runway is back! This year, I did not read about the contestants ahead of time, so I'm going in to the premiere totally blind and without any predictions. I didn't even watch Road to the Runway, so tell me if there was something there I needed to see! It's funny, but I have to watch the show with the captions on, because my kids are SO LOUD. At least now I'm reading while watching TV?

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: Heidi eating from the chocolate fountain while everyone was! As well as her drinking champagne with Tim. Heh. She's just totally chill while the designers were freaking out.

You know how I feel about unconventional challenges...not a fan. But I was extremely happy to see that this was the first challenge, rather than the third or fourth. Get it over with.

Worst moments: Is it just me, or does this group of designers look like a traveling carnival show? I like to pretend that this show is slightly serious, but if the people on it are all ridiculous that makes it more difficult. I mean, SOME weird is fine, but it seemed like everyone looked cray cray.

See all the designs here...

Best garments: There were a lot of great ones considering the materials available. I liked Kimber's gold dress and it got barely a mention, as well as Nathalia's silver one. I guess I have a thing for metallics?

Worst garments: I wasn't really a fan of the winner's Big Bird look. Too much muslin. I'm pretty sure I've seen Jenni's Picasso "masterpiece" in a movie before, on a prostitute. Ian's losing look was pretty dull, he should have seen his elimination coming. Brik's glitter pants were...fine...but the judges were right that the rest of his look made no sense.

Best quote: "It looks like something a unicorn would wear, if, um...well, I guess a unicorn could wear it. I'd have to make some alterations." --Brik

And honorable mention..."It's like you're drunk on the way home and you're just trying to get your key in the door, that's what it feels like." --Dexter

For once, I'm okay with how the judging and elimination went down for an unconventional challenge. I usually think it's super unfair, but Ian defended his garment and was determined to convince us that it fit his aesthetic. Okay fine. Your aesthetic isn't very interesting.

With the unconventional challenge out of the way, I'm excited to see the rest of the season!

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  1. " but Ian defended his garment and was determined to convince us that it fit his aesthetic. Okay fine. Your aesthetic isn't very interesting."

    LOL - I was so relieved he was auffed. As usual, we are in agreement on all the looks.


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