Monday, March 21, 2016

Project Runway All Stars recap

Wanna see the best thing ever?

Sorry for the glare but there was no time for a fancy setup or camera! I think pink is his color, no?

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: Dom helping Sam. No one designs in a vacuum and it's silly to be hateful if someone asks your advice.

Happy they got two days.

Worst moments: Medieval Times...was that really necessary? Let's be honest, if this weren't All Stars, wouldn't they be visiting an actual, oh, museum?? Just another reason why this show is kind of a circus.

I'm not down with constantly picking on Sam behind his back. If he weren't winning they wouldn't be so catty, which makes it look like everyone (with the exception of Dom, apparently) is jealous of the attention he's getting.

Georgina's flower garden outfits make me sad.

Best garments: I was excited about everything in the workroom, but kind of let down by the runway show. Yes, it was mostly well-made and the fabrics were gorgeous, but there wasn't a lot of "wow" here. Disappointing. Alexander's was beautiful but he ruined it with the pearls and his styling. Ken's was nice and deserved the win, but once I was thinking about tree bark it was hard to get that out of my head. I was shocked that Layana wasn't in the top...and I say that as a person who hates yellow! I thought her gown was fun and different and modern.

Worst garments: Sam's fabric was doing all the work, and his model STILL had to wear pasties, so all his brilliant hand-stitched appliqué didn't even work. The pearl trim was gaudy and a lazy way to finish the raw edges of the lace. Mitchell's was just blah, I have more of an issue with him using a hot glue gun in a couture challenge! Also, Kini? Stop making the umbrella skirt. I can't believe he didn't get nailed for that. It's time to move on!

See all the looks here

Best quote: Honestly, it was hard for me to hear any of it with the live-action version happening in my living room.

Finally we get rid of Mitchell, but were those tears from Alyssa Milano? No wonder she won't eliminate anyone! We need cold-hearted Heidi in here. Are any of these designers exciting you? Dom is being sneaky safe every week but I think it's time she's in the top. I'm tired of Valerie and Sam.

Nest week: Who knows?

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