Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Project Runway All Stars recap

You know what's more interesting than Project Runway All Stars? House of Cards. And I've been busy re-binge-watching season 3 before moving on to the just-released season 4. I almost totally forgot about All Stars. Whoops!

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: It was easy to miss, but just before the runway show they played clips of designers complimenting each other's garments. I feel like this has literally never happened before. Of course, they shortly moved on to the typical bad-mouthing, but now I know that designers do say nice things and they're not normally aired.

Worst moments: Unconventional challenge. Enough said.

Best garments: I kind of want Sam to be in the bottom sometime soon so he can be taken down a peg, but it was hard to argue with the coolness of his look. The guest judge said something about it being "very Hunger Games" and his girl was definitely styled just like Johanna. Sam does a good job with the details like styling, or the story behind his look, in addition to being talented. I'm going to grudgingly give him a few passes on his attitude because I know he's just young, and that navigating the world of confidence with grace is difficult.

Worst garments: Stella's was boring, of course, let's just get that out of the way. But Mitchell's??? It was covered in Sheriff's badges! SHERIFF'S BADGES AND FRINGE. I don't understand, how was it, at worst, the fourth worst? Were they just tired of picking on him? Can someone explain to me what was happening??

(See all the looks here. I was having trouble bringing them up whilst writing this recap.)

Best quote: "I think Stella is sewing her ticket home." --Sam

Stella, Fade, these are designers who are outside the acceptable realm of fashion, and therefore they have to go. Not surprising. I'm not quite understanding the lovefest for Valerie, I think she's good but not the most talented of this bunch. We'll see how it plays out.

Next week: Naked people. Wearing...coats? I'm on board with forcing the designers into outerwear, but are the naked people really necessary?


  1. I'm not certain which of Mitchell's Uncles produce the show but he'd better give them an extra big hug!

    That was atrocious. I can't even.

    I don't like Stella but you can't tell me that her look was more offensive than Mitchell's. Cannot. Tell. Me.

    I thought Ken's was a bit too safe. It ended up looking boring. I wish he would have done more somehow.

    I really liked Valerie's and wish she would have taken it "there" with the cotton swabs.

    Asha could have been in the top if she would have turned those pills into a beading effect.

    If they do Outerwear as a 1 Day challenge I'm going to scream and throw things.

  2. LOL at Mitchell's look, I was positive he was going home, truly. Now as far as Stella, even if she had stayed "true to herself" and stuck with the weird hose thing, that would have sent her home. It would have been interesting to see it finished, I suppose.


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