Sunday, March 13, 2016

Project Runway All Stars recap

My four year old has progressed from imitating the runway show, to parodying the entire episode of PR. She insisted that I pretend to be Alyssa Milano and Zanna...while the episode was playing. I'd like to actually watch the show please kthanksbye.

Spoilers ahead...

Best moment: Yummy yummy cozy winter fabrics! Remember when I had all these winter sewing plans, and I had to forget all about them because I got pregnant? Whomp whomp. But seriously, Mood must be so amazing to wander through for winter wear. Also, nobody complained about dressing "real" people! Nobody complained about dressing men! Not that we saw, anyway.

Worst moment: The short time period apparently didn't bother anyone, but would it have killed them to have another day for this challenge? I also hated the bickering after the runway show. I realize it was highly edited, but I saw enough to know that the designers were blaming Sam for there being no elimination. But guess whose fault that was? Not Sam's. Maybe the other designers SHOULD flirt with the judges. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Sam can't make them do anything, it's the dumb judges' faults for having not one, but two non-eliminations. What was Sam supposed to do, volunteer to go home?

Best looks: This was a weird challenge, the usual top people were the bottom and the bottom people were in the top. Can I give a shout out to Asha's "client" who completely looked like a model? I did like Mitchell's look, but I thought the rest were at the same level, no standouts.

Worst looks: Layana was safe but I really disliked her look. I feel like she keeps skating by, but soon there won't be any obviously bad looks and it will be her turn. Her garment made her client look larger than she was and frumpy. I didn't hate Valerie's coat, but I did hate the pants (what was with all the cropped pants for the winter?) and I don't like how she basically disregarded Zanna. I have a feeling that if this were like regular PR, and Zanna was at the judging, she could have spoken up about telling Valerie to rethink all her crazy prints.

See all final looks here.

Best quote: "It seems like Mitchell has a good sketch, and then all of a sudden, it just all goes to hell." --Sam YES! Someone agrees with me! Except this time it didn't really go to hell.

I liked this episode even though the challenge made no sense (dress people who don't wear clothes!) and the time constraints were stupid. I was pleasantly surprised that hardly anyone fell apart considering all the pieces they had to make, even if they mostly ended up mediocre. If there are any more non-eliminations, though, I'm going to seriously consider whether this show is for real.

Next week: Baroque costum--I mean, fashions.

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  1. I do not like Sam. I think he's super pretentious. BUT, I was so disappointed in their "Mean Girl" treatment of him.

    Seriously you make him the Scapegoat for your frustrations over the judges being too wimpy to eliminate someone?! NOT cool. At all.

    Layana was a snoozefest for sure and I too was super surprised by top/safe. I think the judges got it wrong, but what else is new?


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