Monday, September 21, 2015

Project Runway recap plus Momiform MAKEover kickoff!

Sometimes 3 year olds are very challenging. And sometimes they're so cute you want to die. I was sitting on the floor, cutting and taping a pattern together while watching this episode, when AB came up to me with a blanket and draped it around my shoulders. "It's time to go down to the runway!" she said. Oh m gee.

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: No Blake! Seriously, wasn't that a relief?

Worst moments: Jake and his dog...ugly cry. I kept waiting for them to show a clip of someone dissing his decision, but they didn't. Thank goodness, or it would have been insta-hate. Why can't dogs live forever? Seriously?

Not too keen on another unconventional challenge. Does Mood hate them?

Best garments: Edmond's dress was so cool and looked like neoprene. Ashely's was fine. Too short. Kelly really did a lot with two tiny pieces of pipe. I admit I couldn't see what she was seeing when she picked those up, so kudos to her.

Worst garments: I know everyone was raving about Candice's dress, but have they never watched this show before? It's been done to death.

Best quote: "I feel like I'm dating the judges...and it's not going well." --Lindsay

I think this was the first time an eliminated contestant said something super smart. Joe said that he wasn't sure he deserved to go home, but that he also wasn't sure he deserved to stay. I think he hit the nail on the head. He was just kind of blah this whole time.

Next week: I already forgot. Neeeeed more coffee.

One last thing! Head over to Baste+Gather to read about the AMAZING Momiform MAKEover series that's happening this week. There are a gazillion prizes you can win, including a new Janome sewing machine! Watch out for my post on Wednesday, where I debut my very first pair of me-made jeans! Eeek!

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  1. As usual, we are on the same wavelength. Joe was never going to please the judges, and it appears Lindsay won't, either.

    AB! Love it!


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