Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bridesmaids' Dresses In Action!

Who's ready for me to be done talking about these dresses haha? This past weekend I experienced something new--seeing garments I made being worn by other people. Well, other people who don't live with me, since I've previously sewn for my kids and my husband. I'm happy to say that the dresses turned out great, fit the bridesmaids well, and worked perfectly for the setting.

All photo credit goes to random family members...I didn't take a single picture! As you can see, the wedding was outdoors. It ended up being very humid and slightly overcast, it actually rained during the ceremony. It was so humid that I don't think anyone minded the rain, it felt like a relief! And it quit as soon as it was over, of course. I cannot tell you how awesome it was to be wearing a lightweight, breathable cotton dress. Aside from my strapless bra situation, I was very comfortable.

AB did an excellent job as flower girl. She can be clumsy, so I was positive she'd faceplant going down the stairs, but she went slow and steady ("like a turtle!") and did just fine. I wish I could say that I made her dress, but I didn't. It's from J. Crew (I bought it second-hand). And don't let her fool you, she's not always as angelic as she looks in this picture ;)

Green isn't a color that I have a lot of in my wardrobe, but I think I will wear this dress again. Just with a regular bra. I'm not crazy about how unsupported my boobs look in these photos. YES I know I picked the pattern (the Delphi Layered Maxi from Named), so it's my own damn fault, but so what. Maybe I can make a bra from the leftover fabric, so it matches the dress.

Sewing three identical dresses back to back (four if you count the muslin) isn't the most fun, but I'm happy I could contribute to my sister's big day. Not to mention that each dress came out to be around $60 for fabric, pattern and supplies. I have TWO can't-wear-again bridesmaid's dresses in my closest that each cost me $100+, so that's a big deal. I was also able to control the details and make sure I had a dress in which I could nurse baby H. The bodice of each dress is two layers, and on mine they are two seperate layers. The outer one lifts up, and the under layer is in two sections so it can pull apart for nursing access.

I drafted this modification myself, based on a RTW top from Motherhood Maternity. It was pretty simple, let me know if you're interested in a full tutorial.

It was an awesome weekend and lots of fun all around. My sister planned a great party and I was so honored for myself and my daughter to be a part of it!


  1. Words aren't is such greatsewing patterns! Every aspect of this dress is amazing.

  2. You did a really amazing job!!! They're beautiful!


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