Thursday, July 30, 2015

One down, two to go!

This weekend I had the chance to fit my sister for her bridesmaid's dress, and I'm happy to say that her dress is now complete! The changes to the bodice and skirt worked great, and this actually came together pretty fast.

I had a moment of panic when she put on the halfway finished dress for her fitting--how do I fit another person?! But I guess my years of reading sewing books paid off, because my brain instantly shouted "fit from the top down!" First I adjusted her straps, then fit the waist, then checked the hem. 

It's interesting, our whole lives we've been able to wear the same size, but her torso is completely different from mine. I removed a few inches from the bodice because she's (apparently) short-waisted. I learned to not attach the skirt to the bodice until you're sure where the natural waist is...I had to seam rip a stretch stitch. No fun. The hem is a rolled hem done on my serger.

The tail is attached to the inside side-seam.

Despite the lack-luster hanger appeal, this was looking pretty cute on my sister when it was only halfway done. I can't wait to see how all three of them look in action! 


  1. I like the color, and the rolled hem is the perfect finish. It is interesting how women can wear the same size but have such completely different body types - the last fitting class at school opened my eyes to this. All that reading has paid off, you have absorbed the information and it springs to mind as needed. Woot!

  2. I totally agree, about the sizing and differences between people! And I like this dresss a LOT. I am here from and so TFS, again! Annette


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