Thursday, July 23, 2015

Named Patterns Delphi Layered Dress

Warning: sad-faced muslin photos to follow.

Operation Bridesmaid Dresses is in full force! I finished a muslin and now have a more solid direction for the final dresses. Good thing too, since we're about a month away from the wedding!

This is the Named Patterns Delphi Layered Maxi Dress pattern, shortened to about knee length (it's not hemmed). After studying the measurement chart and the finished measurements, I sized down. There is 0 ease across the bust now, rather than the 1" per the chart. Sizing down was definitely the way to go. The underarms would have gaped and ain't nobody want to see that.

That's the only "good" in this muslin. First off, this color is hideous and I'm very happy I only paid a few bucks a yard for it during Girl Charlee's 4th of July sale. It was supposed to be gray, btw, not army poop olive. The final dresses will be different shades of green.

The other issue with this dress is the proportions. The more I looked at it, the more the overlay looked wrong with a knee-length skirt. In its intended design, a maxi, I think the long skirt would balance the top. Right now it looks like I'm wearing two skirts. So, I played around with it and found that belting the overlay looked a whole heck of a lot better.

After a discussion with the bride, I decided that it would be better to ditch the overlay. Underneath of it is a plain fitted bodice, so I will use that pattern piece to essentially line and finish the top. No fluff. I'll also add some fullness to the skirt, since this one is fairly straight up and down and boring. Fuller skirt=formal occasion in my book!

I guess there is one other piece of good news; the back is still as swoon-worthy as I thought it would be.

Now all that's left is the simple task of printing/assembling/tracing/modifying three patterns (including nursing modifications for mine), then cutting and sewing and fitting and finishing. Easy peasy, right? If you have any spare mojo or good vibes laying around, send them my way, please!

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