Thursday, January 1, 2015

Peace out 2014!

If you're sick of year in review posts, then I'll understand if you skip this one. Personally, I like them! I like when sewing bloggers the world over are doing more or less the same thing, in this case patting ourselves on the back for our accomplishments, and chuckling at our human and acceptable failures.

My year was kind of crazy, with the last three months focusing on family and not sewing. Not to mention my body changing before my eyes as I grow another human! Let's look back at some of the highlights from this year!

What I DID

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that the Wardrobe Architect project changed my life. It revolutionized the way I sew, focused me onto a personal style, and consequently boosted my confidence in how I interact with the world. In my sewing universe, it was the best thing to happen to me in 2014! Don't even get me started on what an honor and thrill it was to work with Sarai and have a small part in the series.

This year I also developed a few TNT patterns, which was immensely satisfying. The ones that come to mind are the Make it Perfect Coastal Breeze dress, the Sewaholic Renfrew, and the Victory Patterns Lola.

I taught my husband to sew! He made a pair of shorts (for me) and even a t-shirt for him (unblogged, for some reason).

Last year I had a goal to sew a pair of jeans. I took measurable steps towards that goal, but literally the day after I traced off Jalie 2908 I found out I'm pregnant. Jeans will be have to wait until fall...again.

I participated in the Fabric Mart Fabricista contest! I even won the first week's challenge, which was awesome! I was THRILLED to be chosen and I wish I could have continued on, but hey, by withdrawing for a family emergency at least I wasn't eliminated, right?

I hosted the second annual Fear Fabric Challenge and made a kick-ass lace cardigan.


I bought 2 new (to me) sewing machines, my Brother coverstitch and a vintage Singer 15-91. Both amazing machines, and I've only scratched the surface of fun with the Singer.


Even though I complained a lot when it was done, I made a swimsuit. That I wore, a lot.

I was terrified to sew with silk charmeuse (for the lining), but my Victoria Blazer turned out so amazing that it was worth pushing through the fear.

This year I wanted to try a vintage pattern for the first time, and this jumpsuit delivered.

Without a dress form, I can't do much draping, but somehow I still managed to make this self-draped skirt. I had been hoarding this fabric for a loooong time and love how the skirt turned out.

I also wanted to sew more pants in the last year, and these Jennifer City Shorts (pattern from Style Arc) look good enough to be store-bought.


Before succeeding with my Victoria Blazer, I failed with Butterick 5926, a different knit blazer pattern.

Oh my word, these Mom jeans...I'd forgotten how bad these were.

Still lamenting this failed sweatshirt.


Sew a traditional lined sheath dress--This might seem kind of strange, as a sheath dress is NOT my style, but I feel like it would be a good learning opportunity. Plus I got an invisible zipper foot for Christmas!


Fabric quality over quantity--This means no more blowing my fabric allowance on $3/yard knits and 1/2 yard remnants. It means trying to shop at Mood and Emma One Sock instead of some of my cheaper online options (although Mood has good prices too!).

Lingerie--Sew a bra (Ohhh Lulu Anna Crossover Bra has been muslined and adjusted and is ready to go) and some more undies (the free pattern from So, Zo... being my favorite).

Knitting--Hooray, my husband listened to my dropped hints and for Christmas bought me a book about knitting! My interest is mainly in scarves, hats, and socks, and of course little baby/toddler items. I can't see blowing my fabric budget on yarn but who knows!

Smell you later 2014, the less said about you the better. Onwards and upwards!


  1. I love these wrap ups too!!!!! :-)

    I'm with you on the fabric HOWEVER, I bought some printed pontes from Fabric Mart for $2.40/yd and saw some of them for $12-20/yd at the more "upscale" places!

    1. Well of course Fabric Mart is a little different :) They're so tempting!!

  2. Oh what knitting book did he get you? I'm trying to teach myself to knit as well. I have bought a Craftsy class that I have yet to watch.
    Happy New Year!!
    Still can't believe your hubby made you pants!

    1. It's called Teach Yourself to Knit. It came with needles and some accessories, which is really cool. I also watched a video on YouTube. I looked over the Craftsy classes, which one did you buy?


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