Monday, January 26, 2015

Project Runway All Stars recap

I assume people watch QVC, right? So this week's episode was relevant? If you are one of the people who watch QVC please comment and tell me. Is it just a fancier version of AS SEEN ON TV?

Highlights: At first I was glad to see some RTW ideas, since those are more accessible to us lowly home viewers. And then nobody did true RTW and it sucked.

Lowlights: Am I the only one getting sick of Helen's excuses? "I'm not a _____ designer" seems to be her line every week. If you only want to design wedding dresses that cost 5K then you should have stayed home. Maybe the reason you're doing client meetings in your kitchen is because you haven't diversified enough.

Hey, ringing the closing bell is a big deal. In case you didn't get that. It's not like it happens every day. Oh wait...

I would have liked more information about the QVC client. I was pretty confused about what they were looking for, and it would have been nice to see a dossier on the other items in the line they mentioned. In the past, production cost has always come up in a "business" challenge, but they never talked about that. Hey Fabio, I doubt QVC is going to dye fabric for your RTW garment.

Best garment: To be honest, the only garment I liked this week was the top that Jay ended up ditching. I wanted to like Dmitry's, but once Helen mentioned Street Fighter that was all I could see!

Worst garment: I was really excited by Jay's sketches, but I feel like the garments themselves didn't pan out. Fabio was disappointing again, Sonjia's yellow dress hurt my eyes, her RTW garment was only interesting because of the fabric, and Michelle did use too much print, no matter what she thinks.

Of the five designers left, I'm not sure who I would choose to see a collection. I think Dmitry, Michelle, Nobody? What about you?

Next week: MARCHESA!!


  1. ITA with everything. EVERYthing.

  2. Fabio is a disappointment. I don't know what's going on with him and IMO, Jay's was far better. Far. Better. I didn't love Jay's and agree those pants needed to be more fitted but Fabio's was like a sad sack of pastel awfulness.

    I was VERY surprised they gave Sonjia the win with those looks. On her RTW outfit that was all fabric talking. ALL. Where was the design element? I might now wear that yellow dress but I loved that she had a "make it work" moment and produced that on a whim, in a hot second.

    Oh Michelle...that was awful. Just...awful.
    If Helen had done a slim bottom with that top she could have been in the running for the win this week.
    And still, Dmitry is a bore for me.

    I didn't know people bought clothes on QVC. I have never shopped QVC but it isn't really "as seen on tv"; it's some "new" brands (I think of how many people on Shark Tank want to pair up with the QVC lady) paired with staples. I almost ordered my new sewing machine from there because of "5 easy payments" but the final price works out to be $100+ more than if I buy it outright.

    1. I agree with you about Sonjia making it work, that was impressive, and I suppose that dress did have more "design" than her RTW look.

      Hmmmm sewing machines on QVC? Now I'm interested :)

  3. "sad sack of pastel awfulness" = best description ever. Haha!


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