Friday, October 17, 2014

Project Runway rehash!

Tim Gunn was on Sesame Street this week. It was awesome. He played a character named Bill Ding (although Elmo kept calling him Mr. Gunn, which was hilarious) and he was some sort of architecture critic. He was judging houses that the Three Little Pigs were building, which of course kept getting blown down by the Big Bad Wolf. Every time the Wolf blew down a house, Tim ended up completely disheveled. Yes, friends, Tim Gunn had his hair askew on national television.

I couldn't find a photo online so you'll have to accept a picture of my TV. And yes, I DVR Sesame Street. Don't judge.

Spoilers ahead...

Highlight: Rome! Beautiful, in such a strange way. So many of the places they visited had a dark and deadly past, despite being feats of  architecture for that time period.

No challenges! No eliminations! Wow, that was refreshing.

Lowlight: I HATE how little time they have to get ready for Fashion Week. Five weeks? Didn't contestants on older seasons get something like 12 weeks? It also didn't seem fair that Kini got his visit from Tim weeks before Sean did.

Best mini-collection: I was crazy about Kini's when I saw it in progress, but then Sean's ended up being so much cooler. I like the fringe, and his silhouettes are interesting and innovative. Kini has a chance if he changes up his styling. My husband and I both were appalled by the amount of eye shadow they were applying during Kini's makeup consultation.

Worst mini-collection: I was meh on both Amanda and Char. I don't think either of them can/will win. There were pieces I liked (this tunic jacket ugggghh WANT), but the collections weren't wow-ing me. I think Char's final show will be totally haphazard.

Best line of the night: "Nina's not the dictator of fashion, she can't tell me what to do." --Sean

I'm excited to see the collections, but sad for Kini that he's in such a bad place right before Fashion Week. I know they're being hard on him because the judges are rooting for him to win. But I almost died when they flippantly told him to lose the coat. My heart! I can't even imagine how many hours went into that thing.

For once, I don't hate any of the designers in the finale. I think it's clearly a race between Kini and Sean. Simplicity versus tailoring. Either could win, based on whatever whims the judges feel like indulging that day. Your thoughts? Are you rooting for someone in particular?

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  1. Kini is a master at what he does, but honestly, I find Sean's designs much more innovative and exciting.


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