Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Prewashing my Fear Fabric

A Fear Fabric can be scary for lots of reasons. Maybe it's expensive, hard to sew, or the care of it will be too difficult. Last week I posted a photo of my Fear Fabric on Instagram and admitted a huge roadblock--prewashing!

This is a terrible overexposed photo of my fabric, to show you the open spaces in the knit. I don't know nothing about no knitting, but in my ignorant terms I'd call this a sort of crocheted lace? I've only had one run-in with this type of fabric before, and when I casually threw it in the washer/dryer it tore. Whomp whomp. I definitely did not want that to happen again!

After my plea for help on Instagram, Girl Charlee responded that I should try using a wash bag. My plan had been to hand wash, but I liked the wash bag idea much better (I'm lazy). I found the above bag at Wal-Mart for about $4. It was kind of tricky, because most of the bags they had were small lingerie bags, not ideal for 2 yards of knit fabric. This bag is big enough, but it's divided into 4 compartments. Luckily, the "walls" were mesh as well and I was able to smash them down and fit in the fabric. Yay! If I couldn't do that, I probably would have just cut out the walls.

Hopefully this will do the trick! The bag is in the wash as I type. The fabric is a cotton/nylon blend and I definitely want to take care of any possible shrinkage from the cotton. Even if you plan to hand wash a garment, if you don't preshrink natural fibers, they can shrink with steam/pressing. Bad news bears! 

A big thank you to Girl Charlee for coming to my rescue and for sponsoring the Fear Fabric Challenge. Read all the details about the challenge and giveaway here. And check out the first entry, a fantastic Halloween costume, in the Flickr group!

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