Friday, October 24, 2014

Project Runway finale!

Can I repeat how happy I am that there was no final challenge right before Fashion Week? I mean, three of the designers made new pieces anyway, without being forced to do so. It just made the episode much more enjoyable to watch without worrying whose life-long dream would be crushed last-second for the sake of drama.

Spoilers ahead...

Highlight: I was pleasantly surprised by all the collections. Normally one designer totally misses the mark for me, but that didn't happen this time. It was a nice show.

Lowlight: That said, there weren't quite as many "wow" moments as I would have liked. The majority fell into the category of what Sean called "normal clothes". No one said this specifically, but it felt pretty commercial (Amanda and Char). When you think about past winners like Seth Aaron or even Michelle, there was a bit of fantasy missing.

Best collection: I liked Amanda's collection more than I thought I would, and I think it's due to Zac's suggestion to pile on all the jewelry she had. It did temper her hippy-dippy vibe a bit. In solid colors or single prints, a lot of her dresses would work in my life. 

However, Sean's collection was my favorite, and I agree with his win. He did have the most ideas, the most "wow" and the best show.

Worst collection: Char's and Kini's were just sort of meh for me. Kini did some interesting things but nothing seemed particularly wearable OR show-stopping. Really hated Char's Kleenex box dress that Nina singled out as well.

Best line of the night: "Sean, congratulations, you are the winner of Project Runway!" --Heidi

That's that for this season! Kind of forgettable, really, perhaps with the exception of Amanda returning and doing so well. Did anyone watch the kid designer show, Threads? I've got it on my DVR and can't decide how much attention to pay to it.

Next week: Drama at the reunion show (as always!). The question is, how much is manufactured through not-so-subtle editing? Also, All Stars!

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  1. I loved watching this season since I've never followed one all the way through and I agree with you on your assessments of the collections at the end. The most fascinating part for me is seeing the fabrics they choose and then watching how they interpret them into a final garment!


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