Friday, September 19, 2014

Project Runway rehash!

Hooray! I made it through to the next round of the Fabric Mart Fabricista Fashion Challenge! The winner of this week's challenge, and rightly so, was Ann of Sew Baby. What a knockout dress she made! If you've read through the third challenge, you might notice that it's a LOT of work (drafting a pattern and writing a blog post about our process). So please forgive me if this rehash is a bit short! I'm also nursing a cold that my daughter so generously shared with me. Time to make it work!

Spoilers ahead...

Highlight: I enjoyed this challenge more than I probably should have. I loved American Girls when I was growing up (Samantha rules!) and I've even read some of my old books to AB. My sister was the only one who had a doll (Molly) which she generously gifted to AB. And then Molly retired and doubled in value. Ha! Sorry sis, but we envied your doll and this makes up for it.

Lowlight: I was worried that the models aka tweens would be hard to work with, but they seemed helpful. Even though I have a child it still made me nervous thinking about working with a strange kid.

Best garment: Oh Kini. I want that coat SO BAD. Adorable. And being an expert on Samantha, it totally fits with her story.

Worst garment: I was SO nervous when Sandhya's came out. I told my husband that if the judges liked her circus outfit, then I'd have to quit watching the show forever. Not only did they finally see how ridiculous her design was, she was eliminated!

Best line of the night: Anything anyone said about Sandhya's onesie.

I was surprised that Emily was in the bottom and I can't see her as being long for this show. Nina has it out for her. It's going to get pretty tough moving forward with eliminations.

Next week: *gasp* real women! And probably a rant from me. Unless you're dressing a robot, we're all real. GAH! It's starting already :)


  1. I think I cheered when Sandhya was eliminated. I dislike how she doesn't accept criticism. Ever. And I had no sympathy when she was crying for compassion. Nobody else is crying for compassion. This is a job. Do it or don't do it. I also loved Kini's coat. And the dress. He has some serious sewing skills.

    1. I also didn't understand the compassion thing...what did she need compassion for? She's won everything and had glowing reviews from the judges!

  2. This was a fun challenge to watch, as my daughter has a few AGD, it brought back memories.. Well, now they live in the closet as she is all grown up :-/
    Kini and Korina both did fabulous work. I dislike Korina so that is a grudging compliment.

    I laughed when Sean's model turned around, as a teen of the 70's, I know my peace sign, and that was too funny. Whoops!

    Ah, the "real" woman. Oh boy. I wonder if any of the designers will feel compelled to tell us how they only design for a size 00 model.

    1. I'm ashamed to say I didn't even notice the problem with the peace sign until the judges mentioned it...eek!


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