Friday, September 5, 2014

Project Runway rehash!

Right before this episode started, one of my dogs whacked me in the face and gave me a busted lip. So I watched the whole thing with ice on my face. And then my daughter stole my ice pack. Why does life have to be so hard? At least I don't have to sew crystal organza or crinkled taffeta.

Spoilers ahead...

Highlight: Char was saved! Hooray! She didn't deserve to go home, especially since it was partly Sandhya's fault. Tim is so. cute. getting emotional and following his convictions, even a day late.

The Charles James exhibit! I've heard a lot about the exhibit and this is one of those times when I think living in NYC would be awesome. And then I remember that I don't want to sew in a closet.

Lowlight: Uhhhh Samantha has never made a dress, like, ever? She meant in the competition...right? If she's literally never made a gown then she shouldn't be on this show.

Best garment: I was underwhelmed. Again. And disappointed that so many dresses were short. Doesn't short=cocktail and floor-length=ball gown? My favorite was actually Emily's, except I didn't love the double skirt.

Worst garment: It's hard to believe Kini got away with his atrocious bust cups. 

I love a jumpsuit but the "coat" Amanda made was tortured.

Korina's was a matter of taste...and I guess I have different taste.

Best line of the night: "What's the possibility of the judges asking if this came out of a lava flow?" --Tim

When you think back to some of the ball gowns you've seen on this show, these were nowhere near as good. I wish they would have given the designers 2 days for this challenge. Like the guest judge said, the diamonds took a looooong time to make. It's almost ridiculous to pair beautiful jewelry like that with one day's worth of dress.

Luckily for me, I have a few days for my first Fabricista Fashion Challenge! Click over to the Fabric Mart blog later today to read all the details, and remember YOU can play along too by uploading photos of your makes to the Flickr album.

Next week: Avant garde in the rain, because, why not?


  1. I agree with your comments. I couldn't believe all the positive comments about Kini's work this week. Wow, it was bad. And what is the continuing deal with Amanda always getting positive comments. That coat was bad, bad, bad. Sean's was my favorite from last night because, although not the most imaginative, I felt it was the only one that lived up to those fabulous jewels.

    1. The comments about Kini and Amanda's work just prove that the judges play favorites. I agree about Sean, but if he won again I would have barfed.

  2. I wish I could watch! It's not on over here :(

  3. I didn't love Korina's but Amanda's?!?! Give me a break. And Seans was just too literal for me. I hated his dress. Hated it. I thought it paired with the jewelry made the model look old.

    1. Amanda's jacket looked just as bad as the one she made before, that they hated!


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