Friday, February 22, 2013

Project Runway recap: spoiler alert!

I'm really enjoying this season of Project Runway (I feel like I say that every week!). My only complaint is that I think there's less Tim Gunn than usual. Or I may just be imagining that.

Once the challenge was revealed, I was worried for a few teams and sure that others would nail it. I was totally wrong. I thought Layana and Patricia would veer into costume-land, but they were safe. I thought Daniel and Michelle had great combined skills, but they were in the bottom. And I was SURE Michelle and Matt would kill at this challenge. Super wrong. PS--Michelle, the judges NEVER like big necklaces.

I think Michelle is getting picked on a bit. She's been in the bottom/on a losing team every. single. week. And yet during her critique she was standing by her design and she truly believed in it. Matt was IN THE TOP last week and yet his confidence was nowhere to be found. I hope that Michelle gets recognized soon because I do think she's talented. I again found myself wanting her own clothing (that chevron shirt was awesome...and I may have found an acceptable use for a peplum top, if paired with short shorts it almost looks! must fight the peplum!).

What I didn't like about this challenge was how similar everything looked. Everyone used leather. Everyone did some sort of hard/soft. I HATE country music so this kind of challenge would have been my worst nightmare. Remember the season where the designers had to dress men in a country music band? Ugh. Even though the garments from this week were 8 million times better than that, it still hasn't been long enough for me to forget all the bad bad bad fringe from back then. And Miranda Lambert? I'm sorry, but what she was wearing and how she was styled for judging made her look BAD. However, I will hang out with Zac Posen whenever he's free.

Richard's win was VERY lucky for him. While I can appreciate his ability to keep from panicking about his lining...dude. You bought MESH and didn't immediately also realize you needed to line it?? I do give him points for his Mood tshirt idea (and yes, now I want a Mood tshirt).

Poor Matt. No confidence and given the boot. I imagine that once he gets home and decompresses, he'll be very proud of himself and get his head into a better state. It was funny, when he said that it was strange to "get to be [his] age" and to not be sure of yourself, I thought "he's 30...and crap, I'm almost 30!!!" My birthday is on Monday and for the first time I'll be closer to 30 than to 25. It's a hard pill to swallow, especially when your husband is younger than you and enjoys rubbing it in your face!

I think there are a few "dispensable" designers left, but nobody is truly terrible. I have a few people to root for and a few to not care about. It makes it more pleasant to watch, but also less passionate. Ah well. I'm just excited to check out Mood's website and devour Shop the Look before using my gift card. Yay fabric!!

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