Friday, February 1, 2013

Project Runway recap--spoiler alert!

I <3 Project Runway. I liked the show before I started sewing, and now I have an even greater appreciation for it. Knowing about fabrics and construction techniques has added layers to the show when I watch it.

When I heard that this season would be all team challenges, I cringed. I think most of us hate the team challenges, because designers always compromise their designs and end up eliminated because of it. However, I've been pleasantly surprised so far. Last week when we met the designers, I thought most of them seemed very talented, and I could find something to like in all. The challenge was open-ended, so I wasn't annoyed by the team structure. Good so far.

This week they were pushed into a very specific challenge to create uniforms for a ping-pong themed restaurant owned by Susan Sarandon (by the way, Rescue Me watchers, am I the only one who will never forgive her for stealing Franco's daughter??). To incorporate the team aspect, they were to make only 5 looks. I thought this was definitely a tough challenge, but was surprised to see people pair up and actually be nice to one another.

I do not think it was a coincidence that the same people ended up in the bottom as last week. Both Cindy and James were suffering from their previous bad critiques. I can't imagine how hard it would be to design for Heidi and Nina, not to mention that millions of people at home are watching. Add on top of it a group of people you don't know, who would love to see you eliminated eventually, but right now they're supposed to be your teammates? No wonder Cindy and James were so defensive. I can't say I would be any different.

With the losing team, I was reminded of Elie Tahari's advice last season on All-Stars, that if you let fear into your designs, then you're not going to do your best work. They were all so afraid of being the losing team, that they were distracted from "making it work" and ended up in the bottom anyway. I find this concept is often true of my sewing. If I start to second-guess whether or not I'll be able to sew a pair of pants or work with chiffon, then I'm probably never going to even try. Creativity and sewing take focus, and positivity (unless you're Mondo on All-Stars and you're working from a super dark place instead!).

In any case, I was happy with the judging and the top and bottom designers. How cute was Daniel, giving credit to Layana since he already had immunity (as if he couldn't use another win)? He seems SO nice. I liked Cindy's jacket on its own, but it did NOT fit the challenge at all (yet again). My favorite pieces from this episode did not go down the runway, they were the things that Michelle was wearing. I dislike her attitude but I want her wardrobe!

Looking forward to next week's episode and thinking that there is just NOT enough Tim Gunn this season! Side note: I read two of his books between last season and this season and I love him more than ever.

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