Friday, February 15, 2013

Project Runway recap: spoiler alert!

We finally get a rearrangement of teams this week, and it was cleverly done, too. I was surprised that the Dream Team didn't take Daniel, as he's such a great problem-solver (hello, water and glue in a spray bottle?? talk about making it work!). I liked that Layana was picked for her ability to think creatively and to be feminine, as those features ultimately put her in the top (deservedly so).

I'm kind of bummed that this week was the Unconventional Challenge, because I REALLY wanted to see the contestants go to Mood. My amazing husband got me a gift certificate to Mood for Valentine's Day! I was shocked and so happy when I had it in my email yesterday morning. Not only am I thrilled to be able to buy from Mood for the first time, but there's nothing like shopping for fabric and knowing you can get anything you want. Gift cards aren't just free money, they're free shopping!! But anyway. I will be super excited to use the "Shop the Look" feature next week. I can wait that long, I guess!

Stanley's Dior idea this week made me feel a little guilty. Not having been to school or trained in fashion, my fashion history is pretty shaky. I actually own a book about Dior and haven't had a chance to read it yet. Stanley might be the kick in the pants that I need.

It was sort of obvious to me how team Keeping it Real lacked cohesion, so I was surprised that they didn't notice it until later. I think that their reduced numbers, and being able to work on individual looks (for the most part) for the first time sort of set them back. They all had their own crazy ideas and wanted to stick to them. I give them props for thinking of some lame story about decades to CYA, but then why didn't their models walk down the runway in order? Strange.

What I liked about this episode was how everyone embraced the unconventional challenge. Usually, we see someone whining about it and completely crashing and burning. That always seemed dumb to me, since you should know if you're on Project Runway that you WILL be faced with this type of challenge. It was refreshing not to deal with complaining and that pretty much all the designs were finished (I'm talking to you, Emilio, and your hardware store "string bikini").

Side bar: Lifetime played the commercial for Heidi's fragrance and she was wearing the winning dress from last week. I was relieved to see that the hoochie lace-up back with ugly silver grommets had been changed to be much more subtle. It was the only part of that dress that I didn't like, and it was satisfying to see I wasn't alone!

Winners and losers. I didn't like Samantha's. I thought her use of contact paper was smart, and I did like the mesh over the leaves, but I. Hate. Peplums. Hate. I'm no longer in a workplace so maybe there are people wearing them to work, but in real life I've never seen one. Who is wearing them?? How many times have I heard Heidi say that no woman wants to look bigger in her hips? All of a sudden when something is in vogue, it's okay? I suppose that's the nature of fashion, but for me it's right up there with shoulder pads.

Poor Joe. The silhouette wasn't THAT terrible, but he got caught on a week when nobody did badly. I think that he was starting to see that he didn't really fit into the competition, kind of like when Kooan quit last season. I'm sure he didn't want to go home, but at least now he can go back to selling his expensive cat sweaters.

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