Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hey June June Santa Fe Top

This is the first time I've heard of #heyjunejune but granted, I haven't been much into Hey June patterns until recently. With so many basic patterns, though, I can see why this would be such a fun, easy event in which to participate (there is no challenge, right? you just wear Hey June?). Of course, I can't WEAR any of my Hey June garments until baby arrives, but I thought you'd still like to see the second Santa Fe Top I made.

After finishing my floral and lace version, I knew I wanted a more traditional one with more breathable fabrics than the polyester floral knit. I'm on a fabric freeze for now so I dug through my stash and came up with scraps of these two rayon knits. The blue was originally used for some leggings and the green for a bridesmaid's dress. I didn't have enough continuous yardage to cut the back on the fold, so there is a seam there. Otherwise no changes to the pattern, this is a Small as before.

I had fun color-blocking this top and using up stash fabric. The drape and weight of these two fabrics are very similar, so they work well together. I left the bottom unhemmed as with my previous version. To secure the serger tails at the side seams I just pulled them up and zig-zagged them to the seam allowance. I do recommend basting the side seams at the point where the insets meet, I had to do this a couple times to make sure it all matched properly.

I topstitched with grey thread as I've heard that grey blends the best with all colors and I had two colors going on here.

This top went together even faster than the first. I'm fairly certain this one will be going into my hospital bag to be worn home over my lumpy no-more-baby-inside-me belly.

Are you participating in Hey June June?

Update July 2017: This post contains affiliate links. Text of the original post remains the same!

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  1. You have such a great eye for color combos, I would not have thought of pairing these two, but I am really liking them. The grey thread took on the color of the fabric, I thought it was blue in that photo. Nice!


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