Thursday, June 23, 2016

"Closing" Up Shop

Twas the week before my due date, and all through the house
Not a sewing machine was stirring, or even a computer mouse

After my second child was born, I joked around that I couldn't have any more kids, because then I'd have to give up the third bedroom which was my sewing room. Joke is on me, since baby #3 appeared on the horizon. I haven't given up my sewing room completely, but it's looking much different these days.

My bookshelf of novels isn't here anymore. The desk portion of my Ikea Expedit is against the wall and therefore slightly less functional. My coverstitch is basically inaccessible. I've purged a lot of sewing notions and fabric. And now this room features a diaper changing station and baby swing (and yes, that is a baby doll in the swing, my 13 month old likes to put it in there and it's crazy adorable).

I've written before about the challenges of sewing consistently when you have small children. It was an adjustment going from one child to two, and I expect just as big of a leap going to three. The baby swing effectively blocks me from sewing at all (but if you've ever had a newborn and a swing then you understand how vitally important a swing is!). I have a few small projects already cut and waiting for any snatches of time I might have, but I'm not going to get hung up on it. Expecting to sew and then having those expectations not met is quite a bit worse than having low expectations. That might sound depressing, but I have a feeling that fellow mothers will know what I mean.

Thanks to the diaper changing area, I will have an excuse to come in here multiple times a day. I can look at my pretty fabric and the room I painted and decorated myself and feel happy. I can remember that this time is fleeting and I'll be back at it soon. If the blog gets a little quiet, I know you'll understand, and you can check in on me via Instagram. I will still be taking special requests from sweet 4 year olds.

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  1. I'll miss your posts, but yes, you will be busy. :-D


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