Monday, May 2, 2016

Project Runway All Stars recap

Finally, it's May! Me Made May, Baby H's first birthday (DENIAL) and warm weather! I'm ready to put all of my household's recent illnesses behind us, finish my huge stack of WIPs, and count down the weeks until #3 is here (eight to go!).

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: Ken apologized! Sincerely! I was shocked, frankly. But imagine if Sam had fought back the day before, then there wouldn't be any sort of avenue for them to make up. And you could tell how it affected Sam to get that apology, he needed it. Now if only Kini could be an adult as well *eye roll*

I loved seeing the other winners of All Stars. Project Runway royalty, and three of my all-time faves (Mondo, Seth Aaron and Dmitry).

The models doing their own makeup during the final mini-challenge was kind of funny. Were these different models than any of the ones that had already walked?

Worst moments: Alyssa's electronic dress was dumb, and a nonsensical way to connect Otterbox to the challenge.

Best garments: Dom's was the best. Duh. I don't even like asymmetrical but I would wear Dom's dress. I did think it was funny that the other contestants pointed out how blatantly this was her challenge, because it was true. It was nice to see her rise to the challenge, unlike the athleisurewear one where Sam didn't come through.

Worst garments:couldn't quite put my finger on what I didn't like about Kini's, but Nina nailed it. The pocket flaps and the collar were too much with all the print and volume, and they did look cheap. I'm also pretty bored with his oversized shoulders/hips.

I did not like Sam's print. I loved his jumpsuit, the slouchiness of it, but I could see how the judges were bored with it and the netting. I just like jumpsuits/rompers, even though I'm going on two summers of being pregnant and unable to wear them.

Ken's wasn't enough, that was clear. I was quite honestly amazed that he even sent that down, it was dull as paint.

See all the looks here.

Best quote: "If I had to look at that every day I would cry." --Isaac

Anyone else surprised by how the final final challenge turned out? I couldn't believe they kept Ken instead of Sam. At this point though, I think Ken deserved it more. Any thoughts on the finale? Dom is pretty much the front-runner, right? I'm bored with Kini, he hasn't made anything innovative, and really Ken hasn't either (aside from the avant garde challenge). Does Dom have it in the bag?


  1. Oh my gosh Good Riddance to Sam!!!! The kid is not ready. Maybe in a few years. Your entire collection can't be "make it work" moments where you pin and tuck and hand tack here and there. He just does NOT have construction skills.

    Kini is insanely talented - man can he sew! And fast!!! But - snooze. His designs are never too interesting and I agree, more Dallas/Dynasty than Chic Design.

    I hope that Kini doesn't do 800 denim items for his collection, that Ken doesn't do 800 black dresses and that Dom doesn't go too crazy with her print mash-ups. I do think she's the obvious pick for taking it all, but sometimes her stuff goes too weird for me.

  2. Personally, I was glad to see Sam finally go. I thought his workmanship on the "play-off" was really bad. If you're going to put out a raw edge, at least cut it straight! The whole outfit looked really sloppy. I could not believe the judges liked it. I was afraid they would think Ken's re-do was too safe, but it was beautifully done. Sam just needs to spend a few years maturing. He has time. At this point, Dom does seem to be the frontrunner.


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