Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Project Runway All Stars recap

You know what's really fun when you're pregnant? Bronchitis. Did I say "fun"? I meant "soul-crushing". All I want to do is get in my sewing room, not hack up a lung. At least it's better than getting three teeth at once, like poor Baby H. Bronchitis+teething=everyone here is miserable.

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: To be honest, this was an uncomfortable episode all around. I guess if I had to pick a nice moment it would be in the art gallery. Y'know, before everyone started tearing each other apart and were just enjoying the beautiful things in the world.

Worst moments: I've said it once, and I guess I'll keep saying it, what is everyone trying to accomplish by picking on Sam? "Oh, Ken, you think I'm not trying? Okay, then I'll just leave. Thanks for pointing that out to me." I get it that Ken has a temper and Sam, apparently, does not, so I guess they're all just supposed to put up with that? Between the two of them, Sam handled the conversation like the older, more mature person.

Best garments: I can't say that any of them were "best" but certainly Ken deserved to win for the most avant garde.

Worst garments: Again, were any of them BAD? No. But most were not avant garde. Even Dom's was just a dress with a weird coat. Maybe it would have been better without any inspiration in the art gallery? 

See all the garments here.

Best quote: "I don't know what the hell we're talking about." --Isaac

I may have defended Sam as a person but I can't defend his garment. I hate to say "I told you so" because I didn't want to be right, but this was a chance to get rid of Emily and they took it. Sam's was worse. I thought they'd do the right thing and eliminate him finally, but Isaac must have fought for him. Lately Emily has been doing better, Sam worse, and in those situations the person succeeding gets to stay. It smacked of favoritism that anything different happened.

Next week: Nina and deciding who goes to the finals (right?).


  1. From what I recall of the judging, Isaac was the only one who felt Sam's work was acceptable. Favoritism indeed.

  2. I was so confused about Isaac liking Sam's dress--maybe it looked better in person, but to me it looked like a purple trash bag. I'm a big Emily fan so definitely sad to see her go!


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