Monday, April 4, 2016

Project Runway All Stars recap

Remember the wind-way from earlier this season? Pretty sure I got caught walking in one this weekend. It was not sexy or *fashion* so now I'm even more against when they did that. Hurry up summer weather!

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: Wow, a good runway show! It felt almost like real Project Runway for a second. I'm glad that the challenge had some loose guidelines so that the garments could enter a fantasy realm. Otherwise it would have been boring.

Worst moments: Kini and Sam's feud is getting super old. I used to like Kini but he's had zero class over the course of this situation. I'm not saying he has to be fake or best buds with Sam, and YES Sam should have told the judges the truth about Kini making his top...but c'mon now. We're way past that point and bickering like 10 year old girls isn't doing anyone any favors.

Best garments: I liked Dom's and Asha's but I thought Dom had the edge with her print mixing, really thought she finally stepped it up and deserved the win. Guess I was wrong! Am I also off-base to like Sam's? I thought his concept of netting/Ariel/mermaid was clever. He probably could have pushed it further but Sam's aesthetic is cool girl casual anyway. I can't argue with him being in the bottom compared to everyone else, though.

Worst garments: I suppose Alexander's really was the worst. I think his own assessment of trying to stay far away from costume was correct. He overdid it the other direction. He's obviously talented but he probably needs focus to pull off these high fashion looks without going boring, old, or costume. I didn't hate Layana's but I thought for sure they'd do a double elimination. They're obviously just biding their time until she's gonzo. Neither design seemed to match well with their princesses.

See all the looks here.

Hopefully the designers can keep up the quality moving forward, I need to see good garments leading up to the finale!

Next week: Mesh. Everywhere.

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  1. I thought Dom's was amazing, really thought she had the win. Yeah, enough of the drama. Shut up and sew.


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