Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Project Runway All Stars recap

You know how you can just be going along, enjoying Spring and the beautiful weather, and then you suddenly get the plague? No? Just me? Really need to get this baby out so my immune system can get back to normal. At least I have PR to keep me company while I'm couch-surfing.

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: Zanna looked gorgeous this week, I loved her dress. I wonder why she doesn't come to the runway shows the way Tim does on regular PR.

Worst moments: Contrast that with Alyssa Milano on the runway. Oh my. There are no words.

How did everyone miss the memo that this was a summer look? Apparently they only heard "badass" since that was the catch phrase that was repeated a million times. 

Best garments: Emily's was brilliant. So interesting, so different. PLEASE let her stay until the final runway show!

Worst garments: Asha's was so poorly fitted. Is it just me, or is fit something they rarely discuss on this show? Dom's was a miss, obviously. It looked like it was from an unconventional challenge. I disliked Kini's, but at least he was aware enough to ditch his jacket. Georgina was right about Sam, his design was "unresolved" (how perfect is that phrase of her's?).

See all the looks here.

Best quote: "Less disco banana, more sophisticated cool girl." --Zanna

I really enjoyed having Zac Posen take part in the judging, the All Star judges are way too nice compared to the regular PR judges. Zac isn't concerned about hurting anyone's feelings, and at least he has meaningful feedback, unlike Isaac. I was surprised about Asha going home, it felt like it was Ken's time, but probably both of them would be out eventually anyway.

Next week: Avant garde, and possibly an excuse to get rid of Emily if she goes too cray cray.

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  1. I found them all terrible. All. I hope next week is better. Whine.

    C'mon baby!! :) Congrats again on your impending arrival!


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