Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sewing Project: CKC Peasant Dress #2

Remember when I made the Badminton Dress for AB for Father's Day, only to realize that it didn't fit her at all? After that minor disaster, I knew I needed to make something else, and quickly, so I turned to the Create Kid's Couture Peasant Dress (free pattern here).

You can see my first version of this pattern here. Instead of using stash fabric, I decided to customize the dress for Father's Day, and I used my husband's discarded Cincinnati Reds baseball shirt (too small for him). This pattern is already a quick sew, but by using the already-hemmed bottom of the t-shirt, I saved myself a step. For the sleeves, I used part of a white knit blanket and also cut it in order to use the hem. More time saved!

On my first dress, I did not add elastic to the sleeve openings, but to make the dress more girlish I did so this time. It was easy, because the "hem" of the blanket was actually binding. I cut a small opening in it and then inserted elastic into this ready-made casing. It was tricky putting elastic into the neckline, because I aimed to keep the branding information from inside the shirt.

I made a teeny-tiny casing and used the narrowest elastic I had. I love this dress, and my husband appreciated the nice surprise use of his old t-shirt. I got lots of compliments for it on Father's Day weekend as well. What I did not get was a photo of AB wearing it, because she immediately got it all wet while playing in my grandparents' fountain. C'est la vie when you're 16 months old! So instead, you get some reenactment photos from our backyard yesterday. I apologize for the abysmal lighting...it's been raining for 40 days straight and this was the tiny bit of outdoors time we could manage!

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