Friday, July 12, 2013

My favorite pin. Ever.

FIRST OF ALL...thank you to everyone who commented and said such nice things about my chevron dress yesterday (here and on Pattern Review). Thanks to you, I promise to give the dress another try!

Next Friday will be the first recap for the new season of Project Runway!! Which means that today is the last day for Pinterest Projects (for now). To send this topic into hiatus in a blaze of glory, I'm breaking all my self-imposed, unenforced rules and featuring a non-sewing pin. Why? Because it is the best thing that has ever come out of Pinterest. No joke.

I don't even know where I found this pin, if it was through browsing or a friend's board. There are many variations floating around the web, but I'm fairly certain the original is from The Londoner. This is not my photo, it's her's, because I can't imagine photographing it any better:

You read that caption correctly. It's not my title, but a brownie by any other name is not the same. I recommend going to the original blog to read her funny entry (and the over 500 comments) but the recipe is pretty darn simple. A box of brownie mix, a box of chocolate chip cookie dough mix, and a bag of Oreos. It's so easy...well, now you know where the name comes from.

I've made these brownies probably half a dozen times in a year, and even though they are amazing, that is often enough. Honestly, you can't make them more than once every few months because you'll gain approximately 8,529 pounds. These are not good for you in any way, but with a big glass of milk (or wine...) they will erase any bad day week month.

I recommend a good quality brownie and cookie mix (I've tried it with the 99 cent stuff and they aren't as good), and make sure your brownie mix is specifically for an 8x8 pan. Use real Oreos. If you're Superwoman (or man) make the brownie and cookie part from scratch. Personally, I've made brownies from scratch ONCE and it was exhausting. 

Cut the brownies in SMALL pieces. Like half an Oreo per serving. If you're eating these alone or with a spouse over a week's time, only cut half of them at once so they don't dry out. Ask me how I know all these things.

If this is the first time you've seen this pin/recipe, come back here and comment after you make these and remind me how awesome they are. I'm sure I'll be ready to gobble some up again!

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