Friday, July 5, 2013

Pinterest Project: no-sew upcycled vest

If you've browsed Pinterest for more than 3 seconds, you've probably seen this pin:

I decided to give the tutorial a try, and here's my result!

Here's how the vest started:

OMGeee sorry for the weird lighting and all the wrinkles, it was in my upcycle trash bag (seriously, it's just a big trash bag in the closet...). I liked this shirt a lot in its original form, but it got a grease stain on it and it was driving me crazy to look at it.

Now the folds of the tank keep the stain out of my sight! The blouse originally had cut-on cap sleeves, so I decided to leave those intact instead of making a racerback style like the original pin. I cut it up the middle, cut off the ruching that was happening around the neckline, and now I have a great neutral layer to throw on if these summer nights turn cold (which is happening a lot with all these random rainstorms!).

And if I manage to get out those wrinkles, I'll be even happier. Srsly I tried to press it but it's rayon and wasn't cooperating...I'm too afraid to turn the heat up past "synthetic" when I'm working with rayon. I'm glad I was able to give some new life to this blouse, and now I have a functional, useful piece for my wardrobe. I have a similar vest in black and I wear it all. the. time. Now it can take a break once in a while!

Enjoy your weekend...or keep enjoying it, if you've got 4 days off!

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