Monday, July 1, 2013

Halfway there!

I'm taking a break from Mend-It-Monday to talk about January. In July. With my newly-acquired sewing skills, my New Year's Resolution for 2013 was to make, or purchase second-hand, all my clothing for the entire year. Today is July 1st, which means I'm halfway through. So how am I doing on my resolution?

I've cut back on shopping, a LOT. I used to go to the mall if I felt like doing some mind-numbing browsing (and inevitably, mind-numbing purchasing), but I rarely do that anymore. If I get in the mood to browse, I go to Jo-Ann's! (And LOOK...not always to buy!).

I have bought some clothes, but I got them from Plato's Closet (a consignment store). I bought a hat from Pick-Your-Plum without thinking one day last month, and it was new. Do hats count?

I also bought some socks, new, but I don't know how to make socks so I think I can give myself a pass there. I was also gifted one pink fleece jacket, but gifts don't count in my opinion!

I bought a bridesmaid's dress, but that was a known purchase going into 2013 and my one exception. I'll make up for it by sewing my own bridesmaid's dress for a second wedding (both this fall).

The biggest change has been my "default" attitude towards clothing. When I come across a clothing need, I don't get excited and think about running to the mall to shop. I carefully consider whether the need is actual, or if I've possibly forgotten about something I already own that could work (I'm embarrassed to admit how often that happens). I decide whether I can sew the item for less money, and in a timely fashion. The attitude towards less consumption of clothing bleeds over into accessories like shoes and I NEED them, or am I just in a WANTING sort of mood? If you break the habit of wanting, it's surprising how little it rears its head.

I still buy more of AB's clothes than I would like (especially since they're so easy to make) but I always shop at Once Upon a Child (another consignment store) for her. Maybe my resolution for 2014 can involve her clothing in some way. If you take enough small steps, before you know it six months will go by, and you'll have yourself a new lifestyle without even realizing it.

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