Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Project Runway: predictions!

It's a guilty pleasure for me to stalk the new Project Runway contestants before the show airs. I mean, I know it's not stalking, Lifetime puts up all the info, but still. I especially like the Q&A sections. For some reason, I want to know what the contestants watch on TV as well as what fabrics they like.

I've looked through all the contestants and I've picked out the arbitrary highlights, in case you don't have an hour to pore through the bios like I did #Ihavenolife. (All photos from Lifetime, here.)

Alexander--He says his biggest fear about designing is always needing to learn more. I share this fear! He likes Charlotte Bronte but doesn't want to design for normal people.

Alexandria--Wishes she could design boxers for David Beckham. By far the best answer to "what celebrity would you design for?" of any of the contestants!

Angela--She likes to plan and collaborate. Sounds like a time-sucking strategy, I don't think she'll get too far in the competition.

Brandon--Said he could win PR if all the other designers are blind or quit. Ha!

Dom--Her biggest fear is waiting for bobbin thread to run out. This made me laugh out loud...who doesn't understand that terrible feeling??

Helen--She seems like she might have too much 'tude to stick around for long.

Jeremy--Okay, I'm sticking my neck out here...Jeremy is my predicted winner. He is confident and has experience in the real world with both women's and menswear. I can't tell from his Q&A answers whether or not he's OVER confident...we'll see!

Justin--He likes Chuck Palahniuk. He's deaf so he designs very visually. Should be interesting, much like Anthony Ryan being color-blind made his point of view unique.

Kahindo--The only designer who picked Andriod over an iPhone. And she likes Twilight. Nothing in common with me.

Karen--Looks like she has a nice personality, but her resume isn't as good as others.

Ken--Didn't elaborate much about himself. However, he likes Titanic and that's a winner in my book (for's a better movie than people will admit!).

Miranda--She spent 8 years in the military so is probably disciplined. We have lots of stuff in common, but our styles are pretty different. We could hang.

Sandro--He's a possible dark horse, he has lots of experience but likes time-consuming handwork.

Sue--She doesn't watch PR. Auf wiedersehen.

Timothy--Some of his answers were weird, but I LOVED what he said when asked what is a "fashion must" for him: "You have to be careful about how you approach this phrase, because on the surface it is an oxymoron. Fashion is generally a luxury. We do not need luxury. Therefore, fashion is not a must. But where fashion is needed is for our individual self-esteem. It is needed for temperature regulation. It can tell a story about your personality. The fashion must is to be sure that your clothing says what you need it to say about you."

What's your prediction? I'm sure I'll be wrong...the one you think will win usually doesn't!


  1. I don't care how much I complain about the show, I will watch PR until it no longer airs. I *love* this show. Ahhhh. Can't wait for it to start up again! And thanks for the leg work :)

    1. Hehe I'm the exact same way! Sometimes it drives me nuts but I must. keep. watching!


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